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imocha began with a problem, a seemingly easy one at the outset, that hiring needed to be made more efficient. We believed there was a way of conducting interviews and screening job-fit people that was quick and methodical.    

We started in 2015 with a simple software that did one simple thing—digitize interviews. We had traction, customers, and the understanding of how the industry worked.    

So our software worked, too.   

As we understood the market better, we realized that simply digitizing interviews won’t do, hiring was flawed still. It was cumbersome, it was time consuming, and a lot of good candidates fell through the gaps because of organizational red tape.    

Moreover, we noticed that the skill matrix is evolving every five years. A number of things can take credit for it: information revolution, access to the internet, changing technology, just to name a few.    

As the world is changing, our buying patterns have been changing as well. So is technology and how we use it.  

In 2010, we couldn’t have imagined that we’d all be able to have and afford the luxury of chauffeur driven cars. Now, we just go to an app and book it.    

So, would it be incorrect to say that in the next 10 years, we’d be able to get driverless cars? No. Because the way technology is advancing, it is hard to predict what we can’t do.  
Even though we might not see a complete shift in the way we perform a role, technology will seep into it.   

According to a recent survey by Gartner, close to 55% of the job descriptions for each role, both technical and non-technical, have changed. Each role now requires some level of technological dexterity, be it something as simple as data entry.    

What this means is that each and every skilled worker of the world would have to reskill themselves. Not just to thrive in this changing market, but to stay relevant as well.    

If we take the example of accountants, while earlier they required tools like Tally and Excel, now they require software like Tableau, and they'd go further into analytics in the future. So they won’t just be accountants, they’d be digital accountants.   

This is why we had to revolutionize the way we hire, and that’s how digital skills assessment comes into the picture.    

Our focus is on innovation. Be it content, technology, understanding the market trends, the new skills that are coming, benchmarking the right skills, the right simulations, the right algorithms using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, applying Natural Language Processing models, what we’re trying to achieve is creating a tool that helps you assess the skills of this new world.    

But how exactly are we enabling this transformation?   

In simple words, by providing holistic solutions.    

When you hire a data scientist, you require proficiency in a few things—data understanding, data mining, data visualization, and excellent coding skills.    

Can you assess all these skills within an hour, and can you also assess with the same test whether or not that candidate is fit for your organization?   

Perhaps not. A number of tests, interviews, and discussions lead to the hiring of one candidate, and sometimes that also falls short.    

Our focus would be on all of these things. To ensure that the talent you shortlist for your organization is not just adept with the skills that are required but culture-fit as well.    

And we’re doing this while making sure that your candidates have fun while getting assessed.    

Moreover, there is no dearth of ways in which you can assess. As cumbersome as they may be, traditional ways of assessment still work. But in this new age, is that enough? 

The world of skills is changing. The shift is inadvertent and swift, and surely changing the skills ecosystem. Rather than believing in just making it work, we, at imocha, developed a product that assesses the skills of tomorrow.    

In the next few years, we’ll have 5000+ skill assessments, covering each and every skill of the modern world. We’re going to empower each and every skill with new-age technology, almost like the Amazon of digital skills assessment.  

We started this organization to disrupt the traditional assessment methods and now we’re revolutionizing the world of digital skills assessment. 

We are at the forefront of understanding and assessing new skills for the new world. We are on a mission to equate skills assessment with imocha and create a job-fit world, and we believe we are inching closer and closer by the second. 

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Sujit Karpe
Sujit Karpe
Sujit, co-founder and COO at iMocha, is passionate about the latest technologies, with in-depth and hands-on understanding of Microsoft Azure PaaS, Azure IaaS, Enterprise Mobility, Data Analytics, and Software as a Service (SAAS). With over 11 years in software consulting and enterprise applications development, he brings rich cross-functional experience, passion for innovation and expertise in transforming technology strategy into high quality enterprise products. Sujit is a computer science engineering graduate from Pune University.
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