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Top 12 Skills Assessment Tools to Consider in 2023

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11 October, 2022

A skill used to be relevant for 2-3 years earlier but now it conversely remains relevant for only six months. So, keeping a track of necessary current and future skills is important. Moreover, when it comes to hiring, skills assessment is a great way to filter candidates.

Especially if you are on the hiring team, you can relate to the difficulties and challenges faced during the entire hiring process. For niche roles, there is no other reliable way of assessing a candidate's job fitness. Firstly, because a number of coding languages are new so years of experience are not a marker, and there are no educational courses or specified degrees. So, people have to rely on assessments. 

The latest statistics claim that, on average, 118 people apply for a single job role, which floods your mailboxes with resumes. Therefore, sifting through each resume is a cumbersome task. 

That’s where top skills assessment tools make your life easier. These assessment tools are reliable, affordable, transparent, and above all, time efficient.   

You can find out ideal candidates among hundreds of applicants without contributing a lot of time and manpower. Along with the job role, you can assess them on aptitude and cognition levels to determine culture fitness. In today's competitive market, many skills assessment tools are available which makes it difficult for the recruiting team to choose the most relevant tool.  

To help you, we’ve compiled this list of top skills assessment tools for you, replete with the pricing structure, their pros and cons, and more to help you make an informed decision.




Top 12 Skills Assessment Tools  

1. iMocha

iMocha-HomepageiMocha is one of the top skills assessment tools that provides talent acquisition and talent development solutions to help you create an up-to-date and skilled team for your organization.

iMocha's talent acquisition program helps recruiters automate the hiring process by providing them with pre-employment assessments. Using pre-employment assessments, hiring managers can easily analyze the skill set of employees according to the company's requirements. With the help of this tool, you can easily set skill benchmarks in your organization to ensure a quality bar for future employees and candidates.  

Besides that, iMocha's Talent Development program allows L&D managers to upskill their existing employees. Using this platform, you can conduct pre and post-training assessments based on employees' competency levels—beginner, intermediate, proficient, and experienced. Their pre-training assessments determine the employee's current skill status and identify the development area. Its post-training assessment measures the knowledge gain and the impact of training, and, hence, helps you measure the objective ROI of the L&D program. 

Founded by: Amit Mishra & Sujit Karpe


Free Trial: Yes    


  • It allows you to assess the candidate’s competency level—beginner, intermediate, proficient, and experienced efficaciously 
  • It provides insightful assessment reports that enable employees to see their skills, competency, areas of improvement, and training efficacy   
  • iMocha creates necessary APIs for seamless integration with legacy ATS, job boards, and more  


  • iMocha does not conduct psychometric tests 
  • It does not provide background check for candidates  

Clients: Deloitte, PayPal, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, Vanguard, CGI        

Pricing: $1800/month     

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5 (165) 



Struggling to identify the right skill-fit talent for your organization? Try iMocha's AI-powered skill assessments



2. TestGorilla TestGorilla-1

Founded in: 2019

Founded by: Wouter Durville and Otto Verhage

Free Trial: Yes


  • It allows you to follow a candidate's recruitment funnel effortlessly 
  • It offers 250+ skills assessments in critical areas such as mental aptitude, culture fit, and other fundamental abilities
  • TestGorilla balances assessment difficulty very well to finalize only deserving candidates  


  • TestGorilla's virtual customer support does not respond 
  • This technical assessment tool lacks live video interviews  

Clients: Majorel, H&M, Public Groupe, Oracle, Bain & Company     

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go model   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (626 reviews)



3. TestDome


Founded in: 2013

Founded by: Zeljko Svedic  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • TestDome is priced conveniently for smaller companies 
  • The platform is highly user-friendly 
  • Its skills are constantly updated to include new ones in order to keep with the market trends. 


  • TestDome does not allow candidates to customize templates, logos, design invites, or integration 
  • The platform does not allow you to change assessment timings  
  • It offers limited assessments available for data science.

Clients: McAfee, indeed, EY, Adobe, UNICEF, PayPal

Pricing: $20/month (per user)

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (84 reviews)



4. Wonderlic

wonderlic comprFounded in: 1937 

Founded by: E.F. Wonderlic     

Free Trial: Yes

Pros of Wonderlic:

  • The tool best suits businesses or recruitment service providers (RPOs) with a high volume of recruitment work in front-line positions such as retail, sales, customer service, contact centers, airline, and graduate positions  
  • It provides a cognitive, motivation, and personality rating that can be critical for employers during live interview process    
  • It has a user-friendly UI/UX   

Cons of Wonderlic:

  • Wonderlic does not provide any customer support service 
  • This tool’s assessments are lengthy and time consuming 

Clients: Aveda, Duracell, Subway, Sedgwick County, Champion Auto    

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.   

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (82 reviews)  



Looking to create a skills bar to ensure quality while hiring? Use iMocha's skills assessment to hire skill-fit candidates. 



5. eSkill  eSkill-3

Founded in: 2003   

Founded by: Gerrad Szatvanyi    

Free Trial: Yes   


  • It's easy to create a test using eSkill's pre-loaded questions. It also allows users to duplicate a test and customize it based on the job role to make it more relevant to the job requisition.  
  • There is an impressive level of detail in their pre-made exams, which cover everything from general skills to job roles 
  • eSkill has an extensive library of market and industry-specific evaluations, making it one of the well-recognized soft skills assessment tools 


  • eSkill does not allow test model payment. Each year, you must purchase the entire model, which is more than you need 
  • It has a complicated U.I., making it hard to explore the platform 

Clients: Coca-Cola, Work Personnel, State of Colorado, Emory University, Pandora   

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (311 reviews)  



6. DevSkiller  DevSkiller-2

Founded in: 2013        

Founded by: Jakub Kubrynski     

Free Trial: Yes


  • DevSkiller is a very versatile online technical skills assessment tool. You can either customize the skills you want tested or you may choose from 4,000 ready assignments
  • It aids recruiters in making impartial decisions to create a diverse workforce
  • You can quickly identify a candidate's skill gaps with DevSkiller  


  • DevSkiller is an expensive technical skills assessment tool 
  • The candidates cannot manage their subscriptions and add-ons on Devskiller as no management panel is available
  • It lacks assessments for personality, language, culture, behavior, etc., and critical skills 

Clients: Jonah Group, IKEA Retail, TPAY, Mindera, ADA      

Pricing: $499-$999/month    

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 /5 (54 reviews)



7. Codility

Codility-3Founded in: 2009      

Founded by: Greg Jakacki        

Free Trial: Yes


  • The platform is made with such ease that HR professionals, who typically don’t know how to code, can also deploy assessments quickly. They can assess applicants' skills against other programmers without additional technical help   
  • Codility helps you create a collection of code tasks suitable for specific job types 
  • To ensure that customers' concerns are being addressed, Codility's account manager conducts monthly follow-ups 


  • Codility has no debug pane (a tool to fix all software errors), which makes testing more difficult for users 
  • Users can easily copy and paste answers from other web pages since it doesn’t provide anti-cheating features, such as video monitoring or image proctoring 

Clients: Unity, Zalando, Paypal, American Express, Intel   

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.        

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 /5 (319) 



8. Mettl Mettl-1

Founded in: July 2009     

Founded by: Tonmoy Shingal     

Free Trial: No   


  • Assessments are divided into many modules, allowing applicants to choose individual modules or combine different modules to meet their needs  
  • Mettl provides users graphs and subjective data that help them understand the level of their skills  


  • Mettl does not provide an AVG Score or excel reports (local or global standard)
  • It has a complex U.I., hindering users' experience    

Clients: Ghent University Global Campus, MakeMyTrip, Workforce, Gulf University, NASSCOM     

Pricing: $249/year   

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (247 reviews)



Worried about lengthy candidate screening process? Reduce hiring time by 40% with iMocha's skills assessments



9. Vervoe

VervoeFounded in: 2016 

Founded by: Omer and David Weinberg   

Free Trial: Available    


  • With everything in one place, Vervoe application and screening process are quick and easy  
  • Vervoe allows you to customize your assessments using a variety of question types — multiple choice, essay, video, audio, visual, etc. 
  • It features 10+ immersive question categories, such as ones that require video responses and coding   


  • The pricing model is arbitrary and not flexible   
  • The software is not mobile-friendly   
  • They have poor customer service   

Clients: Myob, TriNet, Australia Post, WPP, OmnicomGroup, K-FORCE    

G2Crowd Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: $149/month  



10. CoderPad CoderPad-1

Founded in: 2013   

Founded by: Vincent Woo   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • It organizes coding competitions among candidates to prepare them for industry positions  
  • With CoderPad, you can code in over 30 languages and use over 60 technologies and frameworks 
  • CoderPad offers its assessments at a reasonable price   


  • Candidates often have difficulty understanding the U.I. of CoderPad  
  • Due to CoderPad's lack of freehand drawing and illustration support, it can be hard to illustrate specific concepts and problems   

Clients: Netflix, Shopify, Databricks, Slack, One Medical     

Pricing: $50/month   

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (16 reviews) 



11. HireVue  


Founded in: 2004   

Founded by: Mark Newman   

Free Trial: Not available   


  • HireVue provides live and on-demand interviewing tools to improve the interview process for hiring managers.  
  • HireVue offers an end-to-end hiring experience platform with video interview software, assessments, and text-enabled hiring tools. 
  • The UI/UX is user-friendly for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.   


  • HireVue has an expensive skill assessment model.  
  • The support staff at HireVue is unreachable. 

Clients: Smartlynx, Amazon, Beacon, The Co-operative Bank, The Foxtel Group     

G2Crowd Rating: 4.1/5   

Pricing: Starts at $35K/month   


Looking to implement a talent acquisition program that supports your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments in less time and with more expertise? Try iMocha! 



12. HackerRank HackerRank-2

Founded in: 2012

Founded by: Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi 

Pros of HackerRank:

  • Their assessments are self-paced 
  • HackerRank offers free certification programs 
  • It provides insightful reports that contribute to closing skill gaps by identifying areas of improvement in individual performance 


  • There is no mobile version of HackerRank 
  • HackerRank does not provide aptitude tests 

Clients: Badoo, Canva,Clumio, Dropbox,Enel




What is a skills assessment tool?

A skills assessment tool helps organizations assess the skills competency of existing employees and candidates. They help you identify the skill competencies, areas of improvement, help you create a skills benchmark for current and future employees, and more. An ideal skills assessment tool will also help you conduct training needs analysis, which helps you identify L&D needs on an organizational level. 


What are skill assessment tests? 

Skill assessment tests are web-based assessments used by employers to evaluate candidates’ skills either while hiring new candidates or upskilling/reskilling existing employees.   

These assessments include psychometric tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, job-specific tests, and more. Many skills assessment tools provide the option for tailoring tests.  


What are the benefits of using skills assessment software? 

With skills assessment software, one can:   

  • Pinpoint areas need to be developed  
  • Personalize learning and development plans  
  • Make unbiased and data-backed hiring decisions  
  • Avoid bad and unfit hire 
  • Conduct high-volume hiring with ease 


How do you assess skills?

Skill assessment is of paramount importance nowadays for both individuals and employers. So here is how you can assess skills:  

  • Determine the skills you want to assess — besides functional and technical skills, you may focus on personal effectiveness, communication, employability skills, critical thinking, business etiquette, teamwork, cognitive abilities, and other skills  
  • Create or outsource questions in variety of difficulty levels 
  • Collect the data — do one-on-one conversation, surveys, observation, and most importantly, assessments using top skills assessment tools such as iMocha  
  • Analyze all the data — once you have gathered all the information, done surveys, and attempted assessments  
  • Utilize the analyzed information from the skill assessments to strengthen the following stage of the selection procedure 
  • Make a data-backed decision for your hiring  
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