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System administration is the configuration and management of the hardware, software, and other operating systems that support the users, devices, and applications they rely on. A Salesforce system administrator is the superhero who ensures that the infrastructure—the hardware, software, and OS―is always functioning and connected to the users’ needs. Basically, a SysAdmin is an efficient problem solver.

Starting one’s career as a system admin leads to them learning everything about everything, on the job.

Now that we have established what a system admin does, let’s look into identifying and hiring system admins who would be the right fit for your organisation.

Tech skills a Good Salesforce System Admin must possess:

  • Cloud Infrastructure: System administrators need to be aware of hosting systems in the cloud, mostly due to operations like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services taking over. SysAdmins must quickly familiarise themselves with the  tools than can be used in a cloud-based infrastructure, considering how most applications are moving to the cloud. 
  • Configuration Management: Does the SysAdmin know what Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, and Puppet are? Do they know how to use them? These specific tools allow a SysAdmin to automate tasks and ensure an error-free and faster process.
  • Version Control: This skill tracks the changes made to a code, and in various versions of software applications. Git is a common tool used for this process. If there is a problem with one version of the application, the SysAdmin can roll back the new version until the bugs have been dealt with.
  • Scripting: SysAdmins, these days, are collaborating with Developers much earlier in the process. This allows them to predict the problems that might arise and create solutions for them. To this end, SysAdmins have begun scripting and developing programs by themselves while learning to code—a skill in great demand. This way, a SysAdmin can improve the program, ensuring system reliability. 
  • Server and Network Upkeep: Servers and networks are the pillars of the infrastructure holding up the system. A SysAdmin needs to improve incident responses and the processes to avoid system outage and maintain a reliable system. This upkeep provides value to the clients involved.

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In addition to possessing tech skills, a Salesforce System Admin should be able to perform the following:

  • User permissions and administrations for all services are handled by System administrators.They manage an organisation’s IT stack and assign user roles, giving access to certain applications.
  • A Salesforce System Admin manages passwords and SSO policies for their organisations. They can reset and renew passwords, update security standards, and help employees gain access to the system at different levels.
  • They ensure that data is organised in a consistent manner throughout the company for easy access for employees and at the same time provide tight security around the files to thwart external attacks.
  • A SysAdmin put policies and procedures in place to keep track of software updates and any possible glitches that might occur. They must also demonstrate to employees the right way of using said software, ensuring seamless work within the organisation.
  • They will have to set up networks, servers, and policies in a technically secure way. From documentation to user permissions, all processes must prioritise secure interactions.
  • A good system administrator is a consistently good problem solver. They must find ways to minimise jams in the deployment lifecycle and reduce chances of security risks. 

SysAdmins respond to calls at all times of the day, dealing with incidents that could otherwise cause an organisation a lot of resources and customers. They are solely focused on system reliability and security.

Hiring a system admin ensures a safety net for a company investing more and more in cloud infrastructure, allowing data to be stored there. The need for a SysAdmin has increased with developing system infrastructure.

Conducting a comprehensive Salesforce Admin Test, using iMocha, will help you weed out the good from the rest.

How can iMocha help?

iMocha is the world's largest AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that helps organizations build winning teams. Using AI-EnglishPro, an intelligent Business English Proficiency test, Live Coding Interview, and smart proctoring techniques, you'll be able to hire a Salesforce system admin without any glitches, even while working remotely. 

Our platform empowers organizations to thoroughly assess employees as well as candidates, essential to identify and benchmark their skills proficiency according to industry/company standards.

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Soham Bhoj
Soham Bhoj
Soham works as a Jr. Business Analyst at iMocha. After completing his education in Engineering, he gained a deep curiosity on everything related to technology. When he is not busy working, you'll find him fiddling with his camera and capturing everything the world has to offer.

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