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JavaScript is a high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm programming language. It is used for the development of different websites, the majority of mobile applications, and desktop widgets that people use on a daily basis.

You may have also heard about how popular JavaScript has become in recent years, and with good cause. Using only one set of technologies, JavaScript allows developers to create speedy, app-like web pages.

Hiring a skilled and talented JavaScript developer, on the other hand, can be a tough job. It is because of the fact that experienced developers are hard to come due to the huge demand for web development services.

Hence, to help you with this, here’s a quick guide with the do’s and don’ts for you in setting appropriate parameters to hire Javascript experts. So, start your search on the right track now! 

Firstly, let’s talk about the Don’ts:

Don't Underestimate Javascript Developers' Ability To Collaborate

We usually think of Javascript developers as a unique type of employee who works alone and in a language that the rest of the team does not understand. However, this is not always the fact. And if you hire a full-stack developer to work on both the back-end and front-end of the web application, your JavaScript developer responsibilities include the need to work with other team members as well.

Whether it's reporting on performance results to the leadership team or collaborating with a project manager to schedule and organize work in line with broader team objectives. Hence, select someone who can work well with others to bring success to the app.

Avoid Including Only Technical Questions In Interview

Interviews aren't the only way to assess professional abilities. Screening tests are a much more accurate and effective method of determining this. However, contextual and tactical questions in interviews will help you understand how your candidates use their technical expertise in real-world environments to solve problems and achieve success.

To get deeper knowledge about the candidate’s experience and interpersonal skills, prepare a questionnaire for the candidates in relation to the subject domain. To know more about the candidate's complete knowledge about Javascript,

visit -

Don’t Select Developers Who Are Unconcerned About Privacy Issues

Excellent developers recognize the importance of increased data privacy and security in web applications. As per the latest government norms managing your companies confidential data and saving it from hackers is an important aspect. 

Hence, hire Javascript Developer who understands your organization’s security measures and privacy concerns.

Don't forget to share your business objectives

The most important step in finding the right JavaScript developer is informing them of your organization's overall direction. JavaScript developers must understand your company's needs and proposals in order to capitalize on the goals that the app must achieve.

Discuss your business goals with all candidates and ask them to share ideas on how they can assist you in developing an app that will allow you to achieve those goals. This way, you can ensure that your business goals do not conflict with those of the app.

Don't forget to look into the references of JavaScript Developers

Adding situational questions in the interview can be a little difficult in getting a complete idea regarding the developer’s collaborative skills.  When sharing past experiences, candidates almost always frame themselves in a positive light, so it's an ideal way to access them using the other available sources. 

One can also take references from the employees of previous companies, clients, teammates, know about their working experience with the candidate and other related things they would add or any advice they would like to provide. It will certainly help you determine whether your prospective JavaScript developer will be a good fit for your team as well as the job.

Let’s check out the Dos of hiring javascript developers:

Do Choose The One With Effective Communication

Good communication skills also enable developers to set expectations and effectively communicate issues. It reduces the possibility of errors and increases the likelihood of confusion within your team.

As JavaScript is a technically complex language, it is beneficial to find a JavaScript developer who is an excellent communicator.

Hire Experienced Developers 

It’s an old saying that experience is a skill that cannot be taught. The same can be said when looking for the best JavaScript developer for your business. However, with more experience comes a higher salary.

Take into account the complexity of your app, the level of expertise required, and the salary you can provide. The intersection of these three points will indicate the level of experience you should seek in your JavaScript developer.

Access Candidate Skills Prior To Interview 

Recruiters find it difficult to find the ideal candidates whose skills match their needs. To address this issue, recruiting experts to use JavaScript coding tests provided by technology skill assessment companies. These online JavaScript coding tests help to determine whether an applicant has the necessary abilities to work as a JavaScript developer.

The following are some of the most commonly necessary talents in this domain: 

  • Knowledge of browsers and platforms
  • The paradigm of functional programming (FP)
  • Knowing how to program in an asynchronous manner
  • Creating memory-saving code
  • Communication abilities in the workplace
  • Updates about the industry

If you're seeking applicants that have the capabilities listed above, the iMocha Javascript coding test will help you save time in the hiring process. Hiring managers and recruiters with non-technical backgrounds will appreciate how simple and straightforward iMocha's Javascript coding test is to utilize. These assessments will aid in the technical hiring process and increase employee productivity.

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Screen Candidates Through Portfolios

The portfolio of a JavaScript developer is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring. A portfolio will tell you about the technology stack that each candidate has used in previous projects.

It will work as your guide to better understand concerning the candidate’s areas of expertise, not just to assess the overall quality of the previous apps they created. 

Thus, consider screening your applicants' JavaScript knowledge through a skills test before reading hundreds of CVs and reviewing hundreds of portfolios. 

One of the quick and efficient skill tests for Javascript developers is launched by iMocha. It is up with nearly 23+ latest Javascript skill tests. To get a complete overview, and cut your screening time by up to 85%, visit -

Summing Up:

No two people have the same set of characteristics, similarly, no two developers can have the same set of skills. Thus, build your hiring and evaluation process with the dos and don'ts we've discussed to assess your candidates on all of the important parameters without missing any.

These dos and don’ts will not only assist you in finding the ideal Javascript developer for your team, but they will also assist you in doing so quickly, giving you the confidence that you are making the right choices at every step of the way.v1 CTA-image2-1-Jan-20-2021-09-43-31-93-AM

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Soujanya Varada
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