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Every business uses technology to perform certain functions, and software is one of the best uses of technology. For businesses, it can be difficult to select which software is the best suitable. Hence, companies hire an SAP expert.  A System, Application, and Product, aka SAP, consultant determines what processes are necessary for your organization, create a software system that improves the processes, and introduce a continuous software system development strategy. 


An SAP consultant is an individual who works independently to implement a new SAP system in the business. Implementation of the SAP system is an intricate process whose success is influenced by many factors. Hence, an outside consultant is required for the successful implementation of the SAP system. 

An SAP consultant is usually an expert in one or two areas, popularly in SAP finance. There are two broad categories of SAP consultants.  


  • Functional: This category consists of SAP consultants who work in functional areas, such as customer relationship management, finance, supply chain management, or operations. 
  • Technical: Technical SAP consultants focus on software development and programming. They also work as SAP security consultants. 

Now that the categories are defined, you can get in touch with the hiring manager and understand the business requirements. And after that, all that needs to be done is hiring a good SAP consultant! 


Here are a few steps that can guide you in designing SAP assessments to find a suitable SAP consultant: 

  • Seek correct skills: The first step in the process of searching for a suitable SAP consultant is understanding what skills you need for your organization. An SAP product suite is broad, and SAP consultants usually have a very specificand narrow set of skills. The common mistake businesses tend to do is to assume that their software integrator or preferred software vendor will have the expertise they need. The software integrators may help with general or core areas of SAP but may fail to help with newer aspects. 
  • How to search: Job portals and websites have made it is easy to find the right person, but for an SAP consultant, you need a more trusted source. Hence, it is advisable to explore your business network and personal network. When searching for an SAP expert, you may find that the SAP community would be very small, and many existing SAP consultants or business leaders would be happy to guide.   
  • Resume check: A resume can only determine if the candidate is worth an assessment, as a paper cannot be proof of the expertise of an SAP consultant. Also, it is advisable to review the resume and verify the claims of the candidate.  
  • Check experience: A consultant who would be working on an entire project of implementing SAP in your organization must have good pre-requisite experience of implementing SAP. An experienced consultant knows how to speak SAP and translate it into business language.
  • Assessment: Setting up a technical interview that will comprise of a detailed assessment of skills could be a difficult task. Since you are hiring an SAP consultant, it perhaps means that you do not have the required subject matter expertise. In this case, online skill assessment tools can help you with the assessment.
    Involve an IT member of your team in the assessment process. Use an online skill assessment tool such as Interview Mocha, where you will easily find tests on SAP skills that you want to assess. Since not everyone would possess the expertise to judge the responses, you can analyze the candidates based on the report and comparative analysis of the performance of the candidate, which is made available after the completion of the test.   
  • Interview process: The interview validates the claims made by candidates in their resume, as well as their performance in the skill test. It is necessary to discuss how they will help your organization resolve issues that are present. Some of the essential things to consider in the interview are:   
  • Does the candidate have the experience and SAP skills you are looking for?   
  • Whether the information that search engines show upon searching the name of the candidate is correct.   
  • Question the inaccuracy or inconsistencies that you find in their resumes or test performance.  
  • Whether there is any difference in the resume and their online profile.  
  • See if the candidate can answer questions on SAP’s community network. 
Here is a detailed repository of questions you can consider asking while hiring an experienced SAP expert.
  • Check for communication skills: Good communication skills are must-haves for an SAP consultant. See if they understand business language, can translate, and speak SAP. The SAP consultant needs to express clearly and also understand what IT and business teams want to sayIn some cases, a desirable candidate is the one who avoids technical jargon and can easily understand what the business needs them to do.   
  • Reference check and onboarding: It is essential to get feedback from the companies or people the candidate has previously worked with. Companies, out of desperation to hire SAP consultant, avoid checking references. Even if the consultant has previously worked with a big company, if you don’t hear back from the references, it should be a red flag as customers are usually happy to give feedback about a good consultant.   

If your company wants to streamline its functions and processes, the best step could be hiring an SAP expert. Hiring an SAP expert is usually not a difficult process but is certainly critical. It is for this reason, hiring a wrong or unsuitable SAP consultant can cause a lot of difficulty for your organization in the long run.   

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Bhagyashree Shintre
Bhagyashree Shintre
Bhagyashree Shintre is a content writer at iMocha. A prolific reader and writer with a passion for all things marketing. She believes that the devil is in the details and likes to share what she knows. She loves to practice her hobbies like painting and gardening every day. She believes that knowledge of HR function is important for everyone working today and aims to share the insights through her writing.

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