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For any recruiter hiring for an IT or software company, the biggest challenge is to find good software developers 

The job of a software developer is a challenging and demanding one since they not only have to work on developing, they have to keep the focus on addressing the needs of the users, which keep changing constantly.  

They also have to stay up-to-date with the latest software developments while addressing the customer queries and making developments in their software accordingly.  

According to a report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers would increase by 21% by 2028. While the demand for other jobs would increase by only 5%.  

This can cause a skill gap due to disparity in the demand and availability of qualified and skilled software developers.  

Pre-requisites of Hiring a Developer: To address the question of how to hire developers who are perfect for your organization, here are a few things that need to be addressed before you start assessing candidates. 

  • Decide the skills you need as per the organization requirement: The most common technical skills that are assessed in a potential software developer include sound knowledge of Java, Python, SQL, Git, Linux, Oracle, etc. Moreover, with most companies switching to cloud-based platforms, check whether they have a sound knowledge of AWS and Microsoft Azure.  
  • Mastered the art of big data analysis: Generally, a software developer works on projects that have big data analysis, hence they must know how to maintain and develop big data solutions.  
  • Give a fair chance to the freshers: Freshers are more focused on their job and determined on learning and developing skills. They may lack the experience but will still have the skills to be good developers. With little training, you can have the desired employee. All you need to see is the potential of the candidate. 

    Therefore, it is vital to assess freshers with a coding testFreshers have knowledge of functionality and algorithms but still tend to produce badly written codes, which makes coding test an important part of the software development assessment.  
  • Have flexibility during selection: Good developers may not have great resumes but usually have great portfolios, these candidates would prefer showcasing their open-source codes rather than simply mentioning them in the resume. Hence, apart from resumes, ask for their profiles where they have displayed their codes.  
  • Focus on their expertiseGood software developers are a blend of soft skills and tech skills. While their tech skills need a detailed assessment, their soft skills shine on their own if you have a great recruitment process. 

Steps to Hire a Good Software Developer 

  • Have a crisp job description: Mentioning a project that your company has started will sound attractive but is not insightful for the candidates. Enlist your requirements clearly to attract candidates with specific skills.  
    Moreover, explain what working for you would be like honestly. It is necessary, to be honest at this stage so you don’t end up screening the wrong candidates. Having an honest job description would help your candidates understand what working for you would be like. 
  • Give them a real-life problem to solve during a live coding assessment: In a live coding interview, you would be observing and interacting with the candidate, which is the best way to assess both soft and technical skills. The live coding option enables remote hiring of developers, which is a need of the hour. iMocha’s live coding platform is a great solution for software development assessment

    Using iMocha’s solution, you’d have access to a plethora of easy, medium, and hard questions that you can ask the candidates. Moreover, you’d have a live platform wherein you can check if the code written is correct or not. This would help you assess in real-time. The live coding feature gives you the flexibility of traditional white-board interviews while leveraging technology to make the process better.  
  • See research aptitude: When you conduct a live coding interview, the research aptitude gets reflected in their approach while finding innovative ways to solve the given problem. This is an essential step in hiring software developers as a good developer knows how to solve a problem in numerous ways and find innovative software solutions.  

    With an Artificial Intelligence-based pseudo coding platform, iMocha has created a unique question type called LogicBox to examine a candidate's logical approach and problem-solving skills.

    LogicBox's AI-powered platform uses a Machine Learning approach called Keyword Matching to feed the algorithm the keywords of the right replies. The technology employs an algorithm to locate those exact keywords within the answers every time applicants answer these questions.
  • Flexibility with programming languages: A good software developer needs to have expertise at least two programming languages. But, apart from that, they need to have knowledge of other languages to flexibly work on other software.  
  • Communication skills: The role of a software developer is customer-oriented. This requires good communication and collaboration with users to understand their queries and provide solutions. To assess communication skills, tests like AI English Pro provide clear results whether the candidate is suitable for a customer-oriented role or not.   
  • Have a detailed interview: A detailed interview is an essential step after a tech skill assessment, which can be easily done online considering the difficulty in having a face-to-face interaction during the pandemic and after 2020. An interview is necessary to reassure the soft skills that have been observed in the live coding interview or may have been left out. In the case of a developer, it is important to re-evaluate and get a second opinion.  
  • Training and onboardingMost recruiters emphasize too much on experience, instead to hire a good software developer, you can develop one. Conduct training after onboarding, and prepare job fit developers.

These strategies will help you hire a good software developer regardless of the location and competition in the market. 

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Nishi More
Nishi More
Nishi More is a Marketer and content writer at iMocha. A writer who enjoys helping small businesses meet their hiring needs. When not writing she enjoys reading motivational books, latest trends in recruitment technology & explore new places.

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