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Top 16 Pre-Hire Assessment Tools in 2022

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18 November, 2022

The objective behind new hires is to achieve certain goals and tasks set by an organization. But how would you know if the candidate is job-fit and rightly-skilled to achieve your organization’s target? By deploying a right pre-hire assessment tool!   

A pre-hire assessment tool overcomes significant hiring challenges like hiring cost and speed, fair recruitment, engaging qualified candidates, etc. These tools can make recruitment easier for your organization if engaged with the right one.   

OSF Global Services, Case Study: 

A technology company, OSF Global Services specializes in Application Development and Technology Integration, grew from 450 to 550 employees in the past year. According to OFS' recruiting leader, finding suitable candidates has shortened from over 30 days to 10-14 days. Further, OSF also reduced screening costs by 64%. 

Hence, we have listed the top 16 pre-hire assessment tools to help you find one of the most suitable tools for your business need.   



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Top 16 Pre-Hire Assessment Tools  

All-in-One Pre-Hire Assessment Software

1. iMocha

iMocha-Nov-11-2022-12-00-04-8164-PMiMocha is one of the top AI-powered new hire assessment tools that engage, assess and hire its fully-fledged recruitment portal 

iMocha's talent analytics feature offers insightful data about candidates to assist employers in narrowing down the candidates. Hence, you can compare the candidate's relevancy with the job description and choose the most suitable one for the job.  

Its vast library is stocked with assessments for various domains and skills, such as technical, soft, IT, and communication skills. You can utilize the pre-made tests or customize them to fit your employment needs. It also offers useful features like live video and other capabilities where the interviewer can make code suggestions to improve coding efficiency.  

This recruitment tool also received global recognition from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. In his impactful words, he said, "iMocha's skilling API allows managers to increase the pace of hiring for the open job and the skill matching. So that's the type of innovation we are seeing."  

Founded by: Amit Mishra & Sujit Karpe   


Free Trial: Yes  


  • iMocha is one of the most reliable and best new hire assessment tools that eliminates all the possible ways of cheating via its smart proctoring such as video, audio and image proctoring  
  • All the data of an individual is encrypted via strict protocols such as GDPR, ISO9001, and ISO27001  
  • iMocha has 2500+ skills, 50+ Next-Gen skills, 35+ coding languages, 10000+ questions, and a lot more to assess candidates from different job profiles  
  • iMocha is a one-stop shop since it has 30+ integration with the world's leading recruiting partners and leading platform  


  • iMocha does not conduct psychometric tests  
  • It does not provide a background check for candidates   

Clients: Deloitte, Cognizant, Wipro, Vanguard, CGI PayPal, Fujitsu, Capgemini,         

Pricing: On request   

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5 (165)  



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Hard Skills Pre-Hire Assessment Software  

2. Appliedapplied

Founded in: 2015  

Founded by: Kate Glazebrook  

Free Trial: Not available  


  • It allows recruiters to send customized feedback to all the candidates individually  
  • It shows great efforts in eliminating any bias, be it gender, color, or nationality by hiding names, photographs, and other identification information  
  • Applied is easy to use and adapt   


  • Applied is a UK based new hire assessment tool, hence it takes some time for the customer support team to revert back  
  • Hyperlinks do not open in new tabs and take away the candidates' application  

Clients: Ogilvy, Sanctus., Ella's Kitchen, UNICEF, Habito    

Pricing: $420/month  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (3 reviews)  



3. TestGorilla

TestGorilla-Nov-15-2022-08-03-21-6859-AMFounded in: 2019    

Founded by: Wouter Durville and Otto Verhage    

Pros of TestGorilla:    

  • Their pre-assessment difficulty is balanced  
  • TestGorilla provides many valuable skills like culture fit, mental aptitude, and other essential skills  

Cons of TestGorilla:

  • No virtual customer service is provided by the team TestGorilla
  • No video proctoring analysis is available  

Clients: Bain & Company, Public Groupe, Oracle, Majorel, H&M  

Pricing: Available on requestG2 Rating: 4.5/5 (713 reviews)  



4. HireSelect (Criteria Corp)

CriteriaCorp-1Founded in: 2005  

Founded by: Josh Millet  

Free Trial: Available  


  • It allows the recruiter to assign assessments in bulk  
  • It's quite easy to share links or invite any candidate for assessments  
  • The search algorithms are highly effective and help users to get what they desire  


  • The bulk download feature is inefficient 
  • This new hire assessment tool is not customizable 
  • The tool is unintuitive  

Clients: Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), Xtract Solutions, lifestyle hearing, Push Innovation, American Export Lines  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.2/5 (38 reviews)  



5. Mercer Mettl  Mettl-Nov-15-2022-08-14-28-0511-AM

Founded in: July 2009    

Founded by: Tonmoy Shingal    

Pros of Mercer Mettl:    

  • It assists in identifying the top applicants from the pool of those interviewed. Additionally, many designation-related tests are provided, which improves matchmaking 
  • The ease with which Mercer Mettl can comprehend the competencies using graphs and personal information helps the company finalize suitable profiles for the jobs 

Cons of Mercer Mettl:

  • Each assessment has no AVG Score (local or global standard)
  • Mettl has a complex UI leading to wastage of time

Clients: MakeMyTrip, Gulf University, Workforce, NASSCOM, Ghent University Global Campus   

Pricing: $249/year   

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (247 reviews)  



6. Codility

Codility-Nov-15-2022-08-08-31-6324-AMFounded in: 2009

Founded by: Greg Jakacki


  • The Codility HR team uses CodeLive to perform virtual whiteboard interviews 
  • On job boards, they conduct online coding challenges. Using this excellent interview code editor, you can assess a candidate's skills during a live interview 


  • The level of pre-existing tasks in the Codility dashboard is time-consuming. Along with the strict evaluation process, these pre-existing tasks can scare off eligible candidates  
  • Codility's library lacks technological assessments  

Clients: American Express, Intel, Unity, Zalando, Paypal  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 /5      

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.    



7. HighMatch (Berke)  highmatch-2

Founded in: 2005  

Founded by: Kelly Land  

Free Trial: Available  


  • This pre-hire assessment tool allows us to gather as much data as you want without extra amount 
  • HighMatch's job interview guide and job fit reports are effective and show how the candidate will align with the position  
  • Their personality tests are on the spot and help recruiters with effective hiring decision  


  • It does not integrate well with a few ATS, such as BambooHR  
  • Their ready-to-use assessments can be mentally draining at times  

Clients: JLL, Echo, Aveanna Healthcare, Comcast, range theory, Rackspace, Prudential, NVR  

Pricing: $100/month  

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (56 reviews)  



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Soft Skills Pre-Hire Assessment Software  

8. The Predictive Index

predictiveindexFounded in: 1940   

Founded by: Arnold S. Daniels   

Free Trial: No   


  •  With the combination of psychometrics and technology, PI identifies specific actions that can improve employee experience by diagnosing it and identifying the specific causes
  • They offer assessments in more than 70 languages
  • This software provides one of the fastest behavioral assessments in just 6 minutes that delivers impactful insights into a candidate's behavior  


  • Predictive Index is a high-priced pre-hire assessment tool that can only be afforded by enterprises with a large budget 
  • It has a complex and unintuitive user interface, making it difficult to navigate features such as links to assessments  

Clients: DocuSign, AutoNation, 47, Formstack  

Pricing: On request    

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (367 reviews)  



9. eSkill

eSkill-Nov-15-2022-08-15-27-5852-AMFounded in: 2003    

Founded by: Gerrad Szatvanyi     

Free Trial: Yes    


  • Their pre-made exams cover everything from general skills to job roles, and they pay attention to detail at every step 
  • You can easily create a test using eSkill's preloaded questions. It also allows you to duplicate a test and customize it to meet the requirements of the ongoing recruitment   
  • eSkill offers an extensive library of market- and industry-specific evaluations 


  • There is no test model payment. It is not possible to buy test packages that are monthly or smaller. Every year, the entire model, which is more than you need, must be acquired.     
  • It is challenging to navigate the results page because of its confusing user interface.     

Clients: Coca-Cola, Work Personnel, State of Colorado, Emory University, Pandora    

Pricing: On request   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (311 reviews) 



10. HR Avatar

hravatarFounded in: 2009  

Founded by: Mike Russell  

Free Trial: Available  


  • It connects with ADP and automatically emails users as a reminder to complete the tests  
  • The user is given the option to combine many assessments into a single status drop-down  
  • The reports of this new hire assessment tool are easy, analytical, and self-explanatory  


  • Test Results/Reports take a lot of time and buffering before downloading 
  • It does not allow the user to set a date and time  

Clients: Digital media solution, Childhelp, Alto Shaam, Bison Transport, PCI not the big company

Pricing: $50/month   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (67 reviews)  



11. AssessFirst

assessfirstFounded in: 2002  

Founded by: David Bernard  

Free Trial: Available  


  • This new hire assessment tool allows you to create a predictive model  
  • It is possible to create and edit campaigns within the tool  
  • Their Shape, Drive, and Brain matrix provide detailed insights into the candidate  


  • The assessments are quite longer
  • The tool is costly for startups and SMEs  

Clients: Puma, Coca-Cola, Westfield, Publicis Group, Toyota

Pricing: £190.00 /month  

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (25 reviews)  



12. McQuaig  McQuaig Assessment

Founded in: 1966  

Founded by: Jack H. McQuaig  

Free Trial: Available  


  • McQuaig is user-friendly and easy to navigate  
  • Their feedback and comparison reports are extremely helpful during the recruitment  
  • Their customer service team is of great help and particularly with their customers  


  • The user has to spend extra credits to avail features like a self-development survey 
  • The tool sends a lot of unnecessary emails spamming the inbox  

Clients: Fastsigns, Scotia Bank, University of San Deigo, Xavidxchange  

Pricing: $129/use  

G2 Rating: 3.5/5 (1 review)



13. Harver  harver-1

Founded in: 2013  

Founded by: Barend Raaff  

Free Trial: Available  


  • It can work in a significantly less internet bandwidth   
  • Harver's reports are detail-oriented and accurate. They allow the recruiter to see the true sense of what previous and current references think about the candidate  
  • When a piece of specific information is missed, the system correctly highlights it and directs the user to the first error message. This feature makes it very simple to fill out the forms  
  •  This pre-hire assessment tool incorporates well with other API   


  • Reports are delivered late  
  • Admin UI is unintuitive for mobile usage  
  • It takes a lot of work to preview the entire response set before submitting it. A lot of manual scrolling is required  

Clients:, HMS, Teleperformance, alorica  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (171 reviews)  



14. Traitify

traitifyFounded in: 2011  

Founded by: Dan Sines  

Free Trial: Available  


  • It integrates seamlessly with user's recruiting platforms such as Greenhouse, Bamboo HR  
  • Traitify's scores are insightful and need just one click to see its breakdown structure   


  • The UI is unintuitive and outdated  

Clients: Kelly Services, Monster, Fiesta, Lowes, Public Storage  

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.    

G2 Rating: 0 ratings  



15. Wonderlic WonScore  wonderlicFounded in: 1937     

Founded by: EF Wonderlic      

Free Trial: Yes   

Pros of Wonderlic:     

  • It is best suited to businesses or recruitment service providers (RPOs) that recruit in positions such as retail, sales, customer service, contact centers, airline, and graduate   
  • It provides a cognitive, motivational, and personality rating that can be critical for employers during the live interview process     
  • It has a user-friendly UI/UX    

Cons of Wonderlic:

  • Wonderlic does not provide any customer support service  
  • This tool's assessments are lengthy and time-consuming  

Clients: Aveda, Duracell, Subway, Sedgwick County, Champion Auto     

Pricing: Not mentioned publicly.    

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (82 reviews)   



16. TalentSorter  talent sorter

Founded in: 2012

Free Trial: Not available


  • It offers a detailed breakdown of the applicant's score versus the benchmark you set for your best sales or the role you are looking for
  • The pricing structure is reasonable


  • There are some limitations around assessment customization 
  • TalentSorter does not have API built into it

Clients: City wide communications, Dynamic Workforce Solutions LLC, Hallmark Dental Laboratory, Nurses Union, Pace Industries

Pricing: $499/month

G2 Rating: Not Available



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What is a Pre-hire assessment?

Pre-hire assessments refer to any tool or process used to assess job candidates consistently. They range from "harder" tests like personality traits, language tests, and integrity tests, and more to "softer" exams like on-demand assessments, including math and programming skills tests.


What are the benefits of using pre-hire assessment tools?  

Pre-hire assessment benefits recruiters in many ways, one of the most prominent being finding candidates who will fit in well with their company. These talent evaluations logically predict a candidate's job effectiveness and retainability. Statistics and reports support all the results.

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