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Top 06 Skills Inventory Software to Consider in 2024

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11 March, 2024

Today, businesses across industries face difficulties in keeping track of their workforce’s skills and capabilities, leading to missed opportunities, wasted resources, and mismatched project assignments.

Most of these businesses keep track of their workforce’s skills information in spreadsheets, online forms, or siloed departmental systems. These manual methods do provide information about employee skillsets; however, it’s not comprehensive or accurate.

There is a simple yet ingenious solution to these issues in Skills Inventory. It is a comprehensive list or database that captures your employees' skills, experiences, qualifications, and sometimes seniority levels. A skills inventory software is where all this information is captured.

A skills inventory software helps you clearly understand your talent pool, enabling you to identify skill gaps and address them strategically.

This data-driven approach strengthens your competitive edge by attracting and retaining top performers and ensures realistic expectations and successful project management.



Top 06 Skills Inventory Software in 2024

1. iMocha

iMochaiMocha is an AI-powered skills intelligence cloud that helps you create taxonomies and ontologies, assesses skills, suggests training, and tracks progress, all while building a centralized skills inventory for smarter HR decisions. The key features of the platform are:

  • AI-powered skills taxonomy: Leverage iMocha's granular skills taxonomy and ontology to categorize and analyze skills data precisely. You can even bring in your own taxonomy and ontology.
  • Multi-channel validation: iMocha helps you collect data through various methods, including self-assessments, manager evaluations, skills tests, simulations, and integration with existing HR systems.
  • Skill level identification: You can utilize the platform to determine the proficiency level of your workforce in various skills, identifying individuals who excel or require upskilling.
  • Skill-based job architecture: With iMocha you can build a robust skills framework for your organization, aligning job descriptions and career paths with the required skill sets.
  • Skills benchmarking: Compare your workforce's skills against industry standards or competitor data to understand your relative position and identify areas for improvement.

Founding Year: 2015

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (246 Reviews)

Pricing: Click here for more details


Need help with costly external hires and unengaged employees dreaming of greener pastures outside? iMocha's Skills Intelligence Cloud solves both.



2. TalentGuard

talentguard skills inventory softwareTalentGuard is an AI-powered talent management platform. It is a sophisticated tool that combines data, intelligence, and personalized solutions to address various talent needs

Skills inventory is a core component of their platform. Here are some notable features of their skills inventory tool.

  • Unbiased Skill Verification: Compare self-assessments with manager evaluations to gain objective insights into your workforce's skills. This reduces bias and helps identify areas for alignment, feedback, and development goal setting.
  • Personalized Learning Plans: Leverage personalized learning plans based on each employee's strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations aligned with your company's needs.
  • Track Skill Development: Your employees can track their progress and document newly acquired skills, enabling them to request feedback from managers and demonstrate skill development towards achieving established goals. 

Founding Year: 2009

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (3 Reviews)

Pricing: Contact TalentGuard for pricing


3. Skills Base

skillsbase skills inventory softwareSkills Base is a cloud-based platform designed to help organizations manage and optimize their workforce skills. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools focusing on skills inventory management. The essential skills inventory features of the platform include:

  • Evolving Skills Inventory: Skills Base features a dynamic and evolving skills inventory for your entire workforce, regardless of size.
  • Assessment Framework: Skills Base equips you with a robust employee assessment framework to evaluate each individual's skill set and competencies. This data-driven approach allows you to measure individual and team performance based on skill proficiency.
  • Detailed reporting: The platform lets you create powerful reports for individuals, teams, and the entire organization. The reporting feature includes dynamic reports and customizable skills matrices that facilitate real-time decision-making aligned with your organization's evolving needs.

Founding Year: 2012

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (18 Reviews)

Pricing: Starts at $0 for up to 25 users


Get an eagles-eye view of your workforce's skills and capabilities with iMocha's Skills Intelligence.



4. MuchSkillsMuchSkills

MuchSkills is a contemporary skills inventory tool that utilizes meticulous skills data visualizations to improve individual, team, and organizational performance. Its core offering includes a skills inventory tool with several key features:

  • Comprehensive skills insights: Gain clear visibility into your workforce's skills, competencies, skill levels, interests, certifications, and skill distribution.
  • Visualized skills data: Utilize MuchSkills's powerful data visualization to better understand individuals, teams, and the entire organization.
  • Real-time analysis: This platform offers real-time skill gap analysis, which helps you identify areas requiring upskilling and reskilling within your workforce.

Founding Year: 2019

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (1 Review)

Pricing: €5 per month/user billed annually



5. Avilar

avilarAvilar offers a comprehensive suite of skills management solutions, including a powerful skills inventory tool called WebMentor Skills. This tool helps organizations understand and manage the skills and competencies of their workforce, leading to improved decision-making in various areas. Some notable features of their skills inventory tool are:

  • Centralized Database: Avilar’s WebMentor Skills is a central hub for storing and managing employee skill data, including technical skills, soft skills, certifications, experience, and more.
  • Data Collection: Avilar uses various methods to gather data, including self-assessments, manager evaluations, skills assessments, and job description mappings.
  • Gap Analysis: The tool helps you identify skill gaps between individual/team skills and job requirements, highlighting areas needing improvement.
  • Reporting & Insights: Generate detailed reports and dashboards, complete with insights into individual, team, and organizational skill profiles. 
  • Strategic Planning: Based on the data, you can plan and prioritize training, development programs, and talent acquisition strategies.

Founding Year: 1997

G2 Rating: NA

Pricing: Contact Avilar for pricing




techademyTechademy focuses on helping organizations manage and optimize their tech talent's skills through their Unified Learning Experience Platform (ULXP). This platform includes a powerful Skills Inventory Management feature that allows you to:

  • Skill Inventory Management and Insights: The Skill Inventory Management System allows you to identify areas of expertise, bridge skill gaps, and ensure optimal resource allocation by matching the right people with the right projects. 
  • Seamless Skilled Resource Deployment: ULXP (Unified Learning Experience Platform) helps you seamlessly deploy skilled individuals for critical projects. It ultimately helps you identify and assign personnel with the required expertise to priority initiatives.
  • Hyper-personalized Learning Analytics Dashboards: Centralize data warehousing and empower various stakeholders with Rubicon’s rich data analytics and intelligent insights. Rubicon gives you access to individual skill profiles, live learning dashboards, and custom report builders.

Founding Year: 2020

G2 Rating: NA


Get comprehensive and accurate insights into your workforce's skills and capabilities with iMocha Skills Intelligence.



Final thoughts

Choosing the right skills inventory software can empower your HR team and future-proof your workforce. While various solutions exist, iMocha Skills Intelligence stands out with its comprehensive approach, 3000+ skills library, and AI-powered skills taxonomy. It assesses and develops skills and builds a centralized skills inventory, providing a holistic view of your talent's capabilities.




What is a skills inventory?

A skills inventory is a comprehensive list or database that captures the skills, experiences, qualifications, and sometimes even seniority levels of your employees. It's essentially a central hub that gathers information about your workforce's capabilities and expertise.


What are the benefits of a skills inventory?

A skills inventory empowers your HR team by revealing your workforce's strengths and weaknesses. It helps you identify skill gaps and prioritize training and allows for data-driven decisions about recruitment, development, and project allocation. Discover the benefits of skills inventory for creating teams prepared for the future.


Who uses skills inventory software?

While primarily utilized by Human Resources departments, skills inventory software can benefit any individual or team concerned with managing talent. From hiring managers seeking the perfect candidate to team leaders allocating resources effectively, this software empowers informed decision-making. 



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