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How does video interview platform save recruiters’ hiring time?

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17 February, 2023

In the world of AI, can we really rely upon traditional hiring practices?

Well. Well! The talent shortage that wrecked the job market in 2022 has not yet gone, and 2023 has made it even more difficult to hire skilled individuals.

Even though many companies are laying-off employees, a recent report by The Hindu claims that over 2 million jobs in AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain are anticipated to remain unfilled in 2023.

In order to fulfil the requirements for skilled candidates' recruiters have resorted to automated video interview platforms, leading to a surge in their popularity.


How do we know?

A survey conducted by Harward Business Review revealed that up to 86% of recruiters and hiring managers use technology-mediated job interviews, with a large number of these being automated video interviews.

So, let's take a deep dive and learn what a virtual interview platform is, what various types of automated interview platforms are, and how a video interview platform saves a recruiter's hiring time.


What is video interview?

Video interviews are basically interviews conducted by recruiters through video calls. In this interview call, recruiters ask candidates to come face-to-face via webcam. It is also known as virtual interview calls, in which recruiters send video call links to candidates, and they are required to join it through their devices and talk to each other in real time.

Wait, do not confuse video interviews with video conferencing calls!

As remote work has grown in popularity, so has our dependence on video conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom, Teams, and others.

We use video conferencing apps on a daily basis to do a variety of tasks, from giving updates to conducting training sessions and interviews to streaming live events. We have truly embraced video communication in all of its forms.

video interview processHowever, various automated video interview screening platforms come with numerous in-built features to help accelerate the hiring process and make the interview process more seamless.



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What is a video interview platform?

Video interview platform helps recruiters conduct interviews remotely. It eliminates the requirement to travel to the office location.

Using this platform hiring managers and recruiters can quickly assess soft skills, body language, and culture fit in the early stages of the recruitment process, helping to eliminate any potential unconscious biases that may come up in conventional hiring.

In order to make the interview process easier, these platforms frequently utilize AI, bots, scheduling options, and other technologies. Additionally, these platforms easily integrate with ATS to provide a more comprehensive understanding of applicants in a single dashboard, assisting you in shortlisting the most skill-fit prospects.

Virtual interview screening platforms usually offer the following features:

  • Create a video interview assessment link in less than five minutes
  • Send a large number of invites with a single click
  • Enables you to track and follow up using scheduled reminders
  • Share interviews with your panels for review
  • Flexibility to attend video interviews from anywhere and anytime
  • Set deadline for assessments

It is easier said than done! The recruitment market is flooded with dozens of virtual assessment tools that offer ways to streamline the hiring process.

However, shortlisting the one that best suits your needs is tricky. Hence, we propose to utilize iMocha's video interview screening capabilities to make your hiring process seamless.

iMocha is a skill intelligence platform that provides a variety of AI-powered skill assessment tools to make the recruiting process easier for both candidates and recruiters.

Using this tool's extensive skill library, you can easily assess candidates on a variety of skill sets. In order to make the hiring process fair and objective, this tool offers take-home projects, one-way interviews, live video interviews, AI-logic Box, live coding interviews, and many more.

Moreover, iMocha also offers the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment and video interviewing solution with a vast skills library
  • Detailed test report analytics to better understand your candidates
  • Personalized video questions based on job roles
  • Cheating prevention through 6-level proctoring settings
  • Reduces hiring efforts by 60%
  • Removes scheduling conflicts
  • One-click integration with an ATS

video interview report 2


Do you know companies like Hexaware, Vanguard, Deloitte, TCS, and more reduced their hiring time by 70% using the automated video interview feature of iMocha? Want to find out how!



What are the various types of video interviews?

There are two main types of video interviewing tools:

  • One-way video interview (Recorded video interview)
  • Two-way video interview (Live video interview)


A. Two-way video interview

two-way vide interviewTwo-way video interview is also known as live video interviews. This interview assessment enables hiring managers to conduct a virtual interview with candidates using a camera and microphone.

In this interview assessment, multiple recruiters and candidates can speak to each other in real-time without being in a single room. Live video interviews provide an avenue for recruiters to conduct online and real-time interviews with candidates from anywhere in the world.


B. One-way video interview

video assessmentOne-way video interview is also known as recorded video interviews. As the name suggests, it is a short-recorded interview. In this type of interview, applicants can appear for the interview from any location of their desired choice.

Using this feature, you can add pre-defined questions on the display screen as instructions for candidates. Additionally, this interview enables you to share feedback, analyze performances, and compare answers.

To further streamline the process, the performance data algorithm of this assessment allows recruiters to compare and rate the candidates according to your requirements.



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What are the benefits of video interviews?

Benefits of virtual interview platform for recruiters

  • Geographic barriers no longer block access to a diverse pool.
  • It helps recruiters to present a comprehensive overview of the company's culture and operational procedures.
  • Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong applicants.
  • It helps you identify the right-fit prospects for your organization.
  • Improves the candidate experience.
  • Allows you to provide pre-determined questions through audio, video, or text.
  • Offers integrated appointment scheduling option to automate the process.
  • It allows you to create specific questions for each applicant to answer and then automatically send the form to them after the interview.
  • Ability to watch the video whenever it is convenient for you and share it with other managers.
  • Every candidate is required to answer the same set of questions, ensuring a fair hiring process.
  • Removes the arrival and sign-in process, eliminating the possibility of late arrivals.
  • Allows recruiters to interview more prospects through video in less time.
  • Virtual interviews can facilitate communication with all decision-making team members, especially with video interview recording tools.
  • Anyone on your team can leave notes about the interview and score applicants, making collaboration simple.
  • Video interviewing software allows you to measure their degree of familiarity with technology right away in a subtle way.
  • Video interviews reduce the number of small talks, making the initial screening process brief for both sides and consistent for all applications.
  • Video interview systems that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can also transcribe interviews for further in-depth analysis.

Benefits of virtual interview platform for candidates

  • It allows candidates to introduce themselves in more depth, including all the delicate facts that may be pertinent to the job application.
  • It allows candidates to precisely demonstrate their skills by giving them adequate time to discuss the needed touch points.
  • It also allows applicants to save money and time on travel.
  • It allows applicants to re-analyze their answers before submitting them.
  • Candidates feel more confident in interviews without the stress and expense of a commute.
  • It helps applicants to approach employers beyond local boundaries.

We highly recommend reading the insightful blog post titled "Why Candidates Prefer Video Interviews" to gain valuable insights into the advantages and reasons behind candidates' preference for this interview format.



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Overall, video interview platforms are designed to help recruiters streamline their hiring process by enabling them to conduct a large number of interviews in the shortest period possible. This method also allows recruiters to assess candidates' technical and communication skills without traveling or investing in extra resources. Furthermore, using this interview type, you can access various customizable features that'll assist you in hiring quality candidates.


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