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Many businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, including aviation, travel, and transportation. IT, on the other hand, appeared to have escaped the worst of it. The unemployment rate for IT and software workers has been at an annual high of 4.3 percent since the start of COVID-19. However, in November of the same year, the figures plummeted to 2.4 percent. 

It is because of the rapid spike in digital transformation across organizations around the world. To ensure business continuity, employers have been pushed to adopt remote work and integrate technology into numerous parts of their operations. Virtual events, remote recruiting, more individualized career paths, and deeper insights into applicant experiences are quickly becoming the new normal.

As a result, finding IT workers becomes a difficult challenge for recruiters. This is where campus recruitment — which can be done virtually — comes into play. 

If you're unfamiliar with virtual campus recruitment, it's a virtual event in which global corporations evaluate, interview, and hire individuals from a university campus for specific roles. This occurs on online platforms with collaborative capabilities, eliminating the need for the recruiter to visit the university. 

The IT industry's saving grace has been campus recruitment, which yearly hires fresh talent from the market through various recruitment efforts. Virtual campus recruitment, when done properly and strategically, can help them fulfill the growing demand for digital talent in 2022.

So, to help you in your campus recruitment processes and strategy, here are all the necessary offerings of iMocha that will help you hire the best-suited candidates.  

What are the benefits of using iMocha Platform for Campus Recruitment? 

  1. Live Coding Video Interviews to Help You Save Time on Campus

In the IT industry, the average time to hire is 30 days. Because time is of the essence when it comes to acquiring IT talent, live video interviews can be used as a screening or final interview option.

Rather than having candidates go all the way to your office for a physical interview with no guarantee of being chosen, live video coding interviews allow you to meet just those candidates who qualify for the final round.  

iMocha enables you to collaborate in real-time with your hiring team. You can call a panel of three interviewers to thoroughly evaluate a candidate and cut down on the number of interviews. Eliminate the need for repeated interview rounds, which result in a large number of candidates dropping out and a bad experience.

This saves the time spent by the panel and recruiters in preparing, scheduling, and managing candidate interviews for tech talent recruiting that may not be selected later.  

iMocha’s fully remote real-time coding interview platform will help in easily inviting candidates, and conducting collaborative coding interviews in a seamless web-based IDE powered by Monaco editor. It helps in conducting coding interviews remotely with ease. One can also eliminate written feedback and time-intensive processes. 

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  • Conduct Interviews and Assessments in Bulk with Automated Scheduling

Recruiters understand how difficult it is to arrange candidate interviews, especially when hiring high-volume tech talent from university campuses. 

The constant back-and-forth to arrive at a mutually agreeable time and day for the interview, as well as the dread of last-minute cancellations, etc., takes longer than we realize.

But now you can automate these interviews and assessments using iMocha. Recruiters can design online tests and distribute the URL to all of the graduating students - scheduling and planning interviews, giving regular reminders, and ensuring the availability of the other party. 

The application also sends automated reminders to both parties, ensuring that you arrive at the interview on time. Even if an interview is canceled or postponed, the other party will be notified, avoiding any additional correspondence to reschedule.

The tests can be taken from the comfort of their own homes and are automatically reviewed once completed. As a result, employment bottlenecks are completely eliminated. 


  • Pre-Hire Assessments Assist in Recruiting the Best Tech Talent 

Online coding or thinking skill tests and cognitive assessments for IT campus recruitment can significantly assist IT recruiters make educated hiring decisions and identifying the right people for the right post, even though pre-hire exams have been around for a while. 

The evaluation procedure and the type of talent that passes through it are both streamlined when these assessments are automated. As a result, the employer is able to make fewer mistakes when evaluating prospects. 

Recruiters can also save time by using online examinations to plan, schedule, reschedule, and finally correct papers, allowing them to spend more time connecting with students and enhancing the quality of the talent hired. 

iMocha is an online pre-hire assessment platform that helps you create personalized question papers based on your specifications. It can be linked to your learning management system (LMS) and can learn the correct responses to each question. 

The software automatically verifies the test paper when it is submitted and qualifies or disqualifies the candidate. This allows recruiters to make a large number of hires without sacrificing quality. 

These tests can also be proctored in order to prevent students from cheating on exams. For live or video assessments, iMocha provides remote proctoring. In live assessments, the proctor monitors the student's video, audio, and exam screen in real-time while they take the test. This allows you to ensure that your applicants do not cheat on examinations that are proctored remotely. 

  • Pre-qualify graduates from the careers page

Allow recent graduates to submit applications directly from your Careers website. An easy and quick way to connect our platform to your ATS. With effective remote proctoring processes in place, you may go one step further in ensuring that graduates can take your tests remotely. 

Only interview the most qualified prospects to save your hiring manager time and effort. 

iMocha can help you manage the applications from the students from your website by connecting ATS from the platform. To help you hire the best candidates for your company easily. 

  • Enhance diversity in the hiring procedure

By strictly adhering to EEOC criteria, you may eliminate all biases from the recruitment process and ensure that a diverse staff is hired.

The masking tool allows you to hide essential information about graduates during evaluations, ensuring that all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities are treated equally.

Only interview the most qualified prospects to save your hiring manager time and effort.

How does Campus Recruitment help in workforce development? 

The talent pipeline market is quite constrained. Most businesses are concerned about a skill shortage. How work is done is changing as a result of the digital revolution; it is estimated that 85 percent of jobs will not exist in 2030. And the newest generation of workers, dubbed "the best-educated generation," is graduating from college with their own set of objectives and ideals towards employment, employers, and other topics.

Students make up a vital talent pipeline to solve immediate staffing demands and to serve as a pipeline of talent for the future, with approximately 20 million individuals attending college in the United States.

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What types of questions are used in iMocha Platforms for Campus Recruitment?

Dot net


Data science



Microsoft Azure

Angular JS

Project Management

Asp .Net





What are the USPs of iMocha's online assessment platforms? 

With iMocha, one can ensure 100% integrity on a variety of examinations and overcome your problems with on-campus recruitment. One of our primary USPs is our anti-cheating measures, which assist businesses to secure the integrity of the campus recruitment process while still providing a pleasant applicant experience. 

Image Proctoring in Real-Time 

iMocha's image proctoring tool is a sort of digital invigilation that helps to eliminate any risks of cheating throughout the test.

  • Face recognition technology that is more advanced
  • Ensure that only those who have been asked to participate in the evaluation show up.
  • Suspicious activity can be reported using a variety of parameters.
  • You have the option of terminating the test if the candidate receives a particular number of infractions.

Audio and video proctoring in real-time

Use iMocha's audio and video proctoring features to take remote proctoring to the next level and speed up your hiring process.

  • Determine if the candidate is being aided in the test by identifying infringements in their environment.
  • Infractions are recorded in detail in proctor logs.
  • Only the candidate's speech is authenticated using AI-based audio analysis.
  • Remote invigilation techniques now allow firms to perform more secure assessments with a wider geographic reach, regardless of where the candidate is taking the test.


Recruitment for IT positions on campus is a time-consuming process. It may, however, be both efficient and successful with the correct technology and resources. In order to stay relevant in changing times, it’s advised to establish an organized and digitized strategy for tech hiring in the future years.

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