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iMocha has added to its amazing list of breakthroughs by releasing AI-EnglishPro, a new assessment tool that allows employers to objectively and accurately assess candidates' Business English competence. Recruiters and hiring managers can use AI-EnglishPro to evaluate candidates' Business English fluency and construct winning customer-facing teams in an unbiased, AI-powered, and simple method. The assessment tool is especially beneficial for university recruitment or campus hiring, lateral recruitment, and learning and development initiatives in an organization. 

The tool was created with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in mind (CEFR). The framework, when paired with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, Computational Linguistics, and Text Analysis, provides a precise picture of a candidate's Business English proficiency. 

Clarity, precision, understanding, and context are the four core elements of language competency assessed by AI-EnglishPro. These provide a comprehensive 360-degree assessment of a candidate's level of Business English ability. Furthermore, AI-EnglishPro uses contextual understanding to provide comparative reports on how each candidate compares to other candidates. 

Sujit Karpe, iMocha's Co-founder and CTO, on this launch said, "Most of the existing English language assessments test a candidate's basic English knowledge such as grammar, structure, comprehension, etc. But Business English is about establishing clarity in communication, breaking down complex ideas into simpler, bite-sized messages that everyone can understand, and it is about understanding context as well as the content. Since several existing English language assessments do not factor in this requirement, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create something that shows actual results, and not just vague overviews."

"Several existing English competency tests are often biased. They focus on accents more than proper usage and clarity. But iMocha, continuing with the resolve of ensuring diversity across all areas, removed factors that might give an undue advantage to native English speakers. We have made our AI-EnglishPro bias-free, as all assessments should be," said Amit Mishra, iMocha's Co-founder and CEO.

If you want to read more about, How iMocha launched AI-EnglishPro to empower organizations to build winning customer teams, click here.

About iMocha

iMocha is the world's largest AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that helps organizations build winning teams. iMocha empowers organizations to thoroughly assess employees and candidates for identifying and benchmarking their skills proficiency according to industry or company standards. The organization serves 300+ clients globally including Fujitsu, Ericsson, and Capgemini, among many others. For more information, visit the website.

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Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
CEO, Co-founder of iMocha, the world's largest skills assessment API platform.

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