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Top 13 Testdome Alternatives

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18 November, 2022

Testdome is a skill assessment software that empowers recruiters to assess candidates for multiple job-specific roles such as accounting, programming, sales, customer service, project management, and more.   

Even though the platform offers multiple useful features, it still has some drawbacks, which could adversely affect your recruitment process.  

Firstly, Testdome does not allow customization for company templates, including logos, invitation designs, etc. In addition: 

  • The platform is not multilingual; it's more English speakers oriented.  
  • There is no adaptive screening.  
  • The assessments are outdated for tech-stacks  
  • It offers limited assessments available for data science.  
  • Testdome's analytical reports are not insightful. 
  • UI/UX is unintuitive.

Considering all the above drawbacks, we have listed the top 12 Testdome alternatives available in the market, which can successfully address the shortcomings and streamline your hiring process.  



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Top 13 TestDome Alternatives

1. iMocha

iMocha-Nov-11-2022-12-00-04-8164-PMiMocha is one of the top Testdome alternatives chosen by several recruiters since it empowers them to make unbiased and data-driven hiring decisions. It provides hiring managers and recruiters with robust reports that present a well-organized and simple-to-read summary of a candidate's evaluation results.

This testdome competitor also offers the most extensive skill assessment library in the world, which includes over 2500 skills, 100,000+ questions—spanning over technical, functional, cognitive, language and more, cutting-edge coding simulators, and AI-based analytics.











 Assessment Randomization 

Not Available


 Analytical Reports 

Not Available 


 Next Gen Skills 

Not Available



Not Available


 Live Coding 

Not Available


 AI proctoring (voice, face,   image detection) 

Not Available


 AI LogicBox 

Not Available 


 ATS Integration 



 API Access 



 Phone assistance 

Not Available




  • An extensive library with 2500+ skills, including 500+ IT skills, 66+ Next-Gen skills37+ coding languages, 77+ domain skills, 88+ cognitive tests, and more.  
  • It allows customizable acceptance and rejection of emails.  
  • It provides assessments, email templates, and invitations branded with your company logo and color.  
  • iMocha offers plug-and-play integration with top ATS such as Taleo, Pearson, iCIMS, Workday, Jobvite, Workable, Bullhorn, and more.  

Founding Year: 2015  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (185 reviews)  



2. TestGorilla

TestGorilla-Nov-15-2022-08-03-21-6859-AMTestGorilla is a pre-employment testing tool that helps businesses manage the entire hiring process, from creating assessments to inviting candidates and reviewing results in-depth.  


  • Intuitive UI/UX  
  • Allows bulk email invites via ATS  
  • One-way video interview  
  • AI smart proctoring; face, audio, and object detection  
  • Once reached the exposure limit (10,000 times), questions are automatically replaced   

Founding Year: 2019  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (715 reviews)  



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3. Codility

Codility-Nov-15-2022-08-08-31-6324-AMCodility is an online hiring platform designed explicitly for engineering teams. This Testdome alternative allows organizations to save hiring time and capital through its extremely useful feature. These features include CodeCheck(unbiased and relevant assessment), CodeLive(live technical interviews), and CodeEvent(virtual recruitment events) to predict candidates' technical skills.


  • Live pair programming.  
  • Whiteboard & template mode  
  • Online coding challenges  
  • Advanced filtration & search  
  • Role-based access control  
  • ATS & LMS integration  

Founding Year: 2009

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (335 reviews)



4. HackerRank

HackerRank-Nov-11-2022-01-36-49-2573-PMWith the help of this cloud-based Testdome alternative, HackerRank, firms can assess developers' abilities, conduct remote interviews, and monitor candidate progress on a single platform. Using CodeScreen, hiring teams may administer online coding tests in various programming languages to evaluate candidates' technical proficiency and analyze test results using manual, automated, or customized scoring techniques.  


  • Offers 35+coding languages
  • Live peer coding
  • Live video interview 
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Randomization of questions per test

Founding Year: 2012

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7/5



5. eSkill

eSkill-Nov-15-2022-08-15-27-5852-AMeSkill is a pre-employment and behavioral assessment tool. It enables businesses to increase hiring results and employ individuals with the required skills. In addition, hiring managers can create their own branded and customized test centers and start creating tests right away by selecting pre-prepared tests from their extensive Test Library.  


  • Job-based assessments  
  • Analyze the candidates' verbal and problem-solving skills  
  • Comprehensive library for assessments based on industry demand  
  • Include video questions in skill assessments to gauge candidates' suitability for the position  

Founding Year: 2003  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (312 reviews)  



6. CodeSignal  

CodeSignal-Nov-15-2022-08-02-59-2135-AMWith CodeSignal's Pre-Screen, Tech Screen, and Interview tools, teams can conduct fair and predictive evaluations, save engineering resources, provide a better candidate experience, and hire the right talent faster.  


  • Monaco-powered integration  
  • Easy to administer and use  
  • Extensive assessment library  
  • Syntax highlighting  
  • Inline documentation  

Founding Year: 2014  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (611 reviews)  



7. Mercer Mettl

Mettl-Nov-15-2022-08-14-28-0511-AMThis Testdome competitor offers solutions for core organizational growth processes such as Training needs analysis, identification of high potentials, succession planning, and leadership development. The tool is also credible for conducting performance appraisals based on data.  


  • Fully auto-graded simulators  
  • Ready-to-use pre-made assessments  
  • Most diversified assessment tools  
  • Graphical reports  

Founding Year: 2010  

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (410 reviews)  



8. Coderbyte

coderbyte-2Coderbyte, another Testdome alternative, allows screening, interviewing, and take-home challenge all at a single platform. The platform provides a more comprehensive and easy scope for customization and integration. It serves as a platform for developers looking to improve their coding skills or recruiters who are explicitly hiring engineers.  


  • Live interviews  
  • IntelliSense editor  
  • Accessible APIs  
  • Cloud-based deployment  
  • 30+ coding languages  

Founding Year: 2012  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 /5 (214 reviews)     



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9. CodeInterview

codeinterviewRecruiters can hire developers who can make a significant impact right away with CodeInterview. Using this software, you can also speed up technical hiring by including the right stakeholders at the right time; hence you will be able to minimize the time spent switching between emails, spreadsheets, and calendar events.  


  • 25+ coding languages  
  • 300+ challenges and tests  
  • Highly flexible and customizable   
  • Whiteboards for visual brainstorming  

Founding Year: 2013  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (30 reviews)   



10. HackerEarth

HackerEarth-Nov-15-2022-08-14-07-9306-AMOrganizations use the platform to prescreen applicants and reduce the costs and time associated with hiring technical developers. It helps companies recruit, screen, interview, upskill, and engage developers with multiple tools. It also offers seamless integration with applicant tracking systems; administrators can connect the platform to external systems.  


  • 80+ skills for developers  
  • 40+ languages  
  • Question-based analytics  
  • AI-powered proctoring  
  • Custom API  
  • GDPR Compliance  

Founding Year: 2012  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (268 reviews)  



11. Hire Success

Hire successWith Hire Success, businesses can streamline employee recruitment processes, such as creating baselines, scheduling interviews, and managing job campaigns. It also enables enterprises to streamline shortlisting procedures by organizing the hiring pipeline for candidates and tracking progress or test results throughout interview and assessment workflows.  


  • Cost-effective   
  • Real-time reporting  
  • Candidate comparison  
  • Intuitive UI/UX  
  • Workflow management  

Founding Year: 1999  

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (3 reviews)  



12. EmployTest

employtest-2This Testdome alternative software is a pre-employment testing platform developed to evaluate a candidate's soft and hard skills through behavioral, cognitive, knowledge, and skill tests. EmployTest's comprehensive test library, which includes a wide range of subjects and questions, is created by recognized leaders in industrial-organizational psychology.  


  • Mobile friendly  
  • Easy to use and administer   
  • Seamless ATS integration  
  • Comprehensive assessment reports  
  • Customizable assessments  

Founding Year: 2005  

G2 Rating: 0 ratings  



13. The Predictive Index

predictiveindexThe Predictive Index Workforce Assessment is a tool that aims to objectify workplace behaviors so that you can predict prospects' motivations and drives, be a better manager and communicate more effectively. With the software, you can conduct a fast, scientifically validated behavioral assessment in just six minutes, providing essential insights into the candidate.   


  • 70+ languages  
  • Fastest behavioral assessment of 6 minutes  
  • Cognitive ability assessments  
  • Extensive quality check for assessments  

Founding Year: 2014  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (598 reviews)  




What are the best Testdome alternatives?

Here are the best Testdome alternatives:  


  • Comprehensive skill library  
  • AI-Logic Box  
  • Role-based access control  
  • GDPR Compliance  


  • Insightful reporting  
  • Audit Logos  
  • Individual Performance Reports  


  • CodeLive  
  • SSO with SAML  
  • Track the candidate's Ip address  


Why is iMocha better than Testdome?

iMocha is one of the leading talent assessment tools that provide effective talent programs such as talent acquisition and development.

  • Unlike Testdome, iMocha provides AI talent analytical reports to recruiters, which helps them make data-backed and practical hiring decisions. 
  • iMocha's dashboard is intuitive and can be easily adapted by recruiters and end users.
  • iMocha's skill library and question bank are updated regularly to keep up with the industry demands.
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