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Top 50 Software Engineer Coding Interview Questions

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09 February, 2023

Assessing the coding skills of a software engineer is the most cumbersome task.

No matter if you're looking to hire a Website Developer, App Designer, or Software Engineer, having coding skills is an essential requirement for all of these positions.

However, it goes without saying that before hiring a software engineer, it is essential to determine the area of their expertise. Software testing encompasses a wide range of technical capabilities, making it a highly specialized role.

That is why coding interview questions have been an integral part of technical recruitment, allowing employers to assess candidates' coding and communication proficiency.

When interviewing potential candidates, crafting a coding question that gauges their problem-solving, coding, and design skills can be challenging.

In this article, we will highlight some software engineer coding interview questions that you can use to assess the abilities of software developers in 2023.

So, let's get started!


What is the benefit of using software coding interview questions?

The primary benefit of using coding questions is that:

  • It contributes to a more accurate assessment of the coding abilities of software developers.
  • It allows recruiters to evaluate how a candidate responds to real-world coding challenges, enabling hiring managers to understand better their skills and how they might perform on the job.


What is the best way of assessing the coding skills of software developers?

The first step to evaluating a candidate's coding skills is to identify the level of expertise required for the position you are trying to fill. If you are recruiting for a junior position, frame your software coding interview questions on basic concepts. For the senior role, you can opt for more technical software engineer coding interview questions.

The next step for assessing the coding skills of software developers is assigning an experienced person to determine the coding abilities of the potential candidate by asking software developer coding interview questions or utilizing a skill assessment platform like iMocha.

iMocha is a skill assessment platform that enables you to make intelligent talent decisions. It has the world's most extensive skill assessment library for 2500+ skills, including database skills, next-gen skills, coding skills, language and communication skills, and many more.

Besides that, iMocha provides real-time simulators with 3000+ software engineer coding interview questions for 37 programming languages and 25+ coding compilers to assess applicants' coding expertise.

The platform includes innovative features such as live coding interviews, AI-LogicBox, code replay, and more. With this tool's talent acquisition features, you can match the most skill-fit candidates with open job roles, set a skill level benchmark, and minimize hiring expenses.

Using iMocha's AI-LogicBox, recruiters can easily track candidates' technical abilities. This feature does not require candidates to write lengthy code from scratch. Instead, a problem statement is provided, and candidates need to fill in the missing code snippets in the response box.



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Software Engineer Coding Interview Questions:

While conducting software engineer coding interview questions, it is essential to ask questions on the language skillset that you are looking for. Rather than asking an array of technical questions, focus on asking questions specific to the language or languages you are interested in gauging a candidate's skillset in.

For example, if you are looking to hire a python software developer, ask python coding interview questions. On the other hand, if you are seeing to hire someone with React JS expertise, ask React JS coding interview questions. It will enable you to narrow your focus and ensure that the candidate is tested on the skillset relevant to the role without overwhelming them.

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Python Coding Interview Questions

  1. Write a program in Python to print the Fibonacci series using an iterative method.
  2. Write a program in Python to check if a number is binary.
  3. Write a program in Python to swap two numbers using the third variable.
  4. Python Program to find the GCD or HCF of two numbers.
  5. Build a Python program that reverses a number.
  6. Python program to check given character is a vowel or consonant.
  7. Python program to remove blank space from a string.
  8. Write a program in Python to find the largest and smallest number in the array.
  9. How to make a tuple out of a list?
  10. In a function, how to create a global variable?

To find more detailed python coding interview questions, take a look at iMocha's python skill test library.


React JS Coding Interview Questions

  1. How to display an array of users to the browser
  2. What is the 2-way data binding in ReactJS
  3. How to fetch data from an API
  4. What has known as a fragment in React
  5. Write a program to pass value to the child using context
  6. What are pure components in React
  7. Explain the lifecycle of component re-rendering due to the re-rendering of the parent component
  8. Explain the error boundaries in React 16.3.
  9. How to pass data between sibling components using React router?
  10. Explain the flow in a React-Redux applow in a React-Redux app

To find more detailed React JS coding interview questions, take a look at iMocha's React JS skill test.



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Angular Interview Questions

  1. What is TypeScript?
  2. What is the PipeTransform interface?
  3. What are Impure Pipes?
  4. What are Template statements?
  5. What is ngOnInit? How is it defined?
  6. Given an nxn grid of 1 and 0s, return the number of islands in the input.
  7. Find the index of 0 to replace to get the maximum length sequence of continuous ones.
  8. Print the left view of a binary tree.
  9. Design a visual landmark recognition system.
  10. Design a service that supports uploading and tagging images to a travel site.

To find more detailed Angular coding interview questions, take a look at iMocha's Angular skill test.


Data Structures and Algorithms Coding Interview Questions

  1. How do you find all pairs of an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number?
  2. How do you find the duplicate number on a given integer array?
  3. How do you reverse a singly linked list without recursion?
  4. How can a given string be changed using recursion?
  5. How do you check if a given string is a palindrome?
  6. How do you find all pairs of an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number?
  7. How are duplicates removed from an array without using any library?
  8. How do you traverse a given binary tree in preorder without recursion?
  9. How do you check if two rectangles overlap with each other?
  10. How do you find a single linked list's middle element in one pass?

To find more detailed Data Structures and Algorithms coding interview questions, take a look at iMocha's coding skill test library.


Java Coding Interview Questions

  1. Write a Java Program to reverse a string without using the inbuilt String function.
  2. Write a Java Program to swap two numbers using the third variable.
  3. Write a Java Program to count the number of words in a string using HashMap.
  4. How do you check if a list of integers contains only odd numbers in Java?
  5. How do you remove spaces from a string in Java?
  6. How do you remove leading and trailing spaces from a string in Java?
  7. Write a Java Program to find whether a number is prime or not.
  8. Write a Java Program for the Fibonacci series.
  9. Write a Java program to check if a vowel is present in a string.
  10. How do you create a deadlock scenario programmatically in Java?

To find more detailed Java coding interview questions, take a look at iMocha's Java skill test library.

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