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Recruiters are the driving force behind the process of recruitment through technical skills assessment. A process that can be deemed successful only if it is able to provide ‘qualified candidates’ as per the requirement. Incidentally, it is also one of the key metrics of recruiters to measure their performance. 

Here’s the catch. They may find that a candidate is sufficiently qualified. But if the hiring manager rejects that candidate, then the whole process needs to be re-initiated. 

This gap between the actual and expected qualification level is due to a difference in understanding of ‘qualified’ candidates. 

This could only be possible, only if the recruiters understand what was really needed.

Now, if you’re wondering, why do they need to understand the hiring manager’s viewpoint? The answer is elementary i.e., demand and supply!

The hiring manager is a recruiter’s customer. The latter needs to understand what is their exact demand before even beginning the process of recruitment!

It seems easy, right? But it is not! It becomes more like a game of tug and war when the remote hiring process takes place.

3 Reasons To Understand The Hiring Manager’s Point Of View

 1. For A Refined Job Description (JD)

A big flaw is using the same job description repeatedly. 

For example, if the hiring manager's looking for an iOS developer, do not rely on the same old templates. Instead, ask them exactly what they are looking for! 

Otherwise, candidates in the pipeline won’t be fit for the job. So, what should you do to cut this chaos? The answer lies in intake meetings.

Fix a meeting with the hiring manager and understand their requirements. And, how will the candidate prove to benefit the project or the organization? Preparing a JD as per the needs and skills mentioned by the hiring manager also needs to happen in these meetings.

Make sure you prepare the JD in front of the hiring manager every time they come up to you with a vacancy.

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2. To Realize The Difference Between  “Must-Have Skills” V/S “Nice To Have Skills”

When you hire for a project, there will be skills that are mandatory for the candidate. Then, there will be skills that will work as a brownie point for the candidate.

However, there is a clear difference between the two. The hiring manager will be better able to guide you with what qualities to look for when hiring an employee.

The set of skills required for the job before-hand are determined by the hiring managers, making your job easier.

Therefore, whether you should only focus on the candidates with the must-have skills or, you need to focus on the candidates who possess both the must-have skills and the nice to have skills.

In some cases, you will find yourself in a cul-de-sac. Wherein the candidates mention a lot of skills, and you have no idea how critical the skills are, especially if it’s technical. 

This is again where you’ll have to consult the hiring manager to know what skills weigh more than the others.

   3. For The Execution Of A Smooth Hiring Process

The best way to conduct a hiring process is by being on the same page. Therefore, after you prepare the JD, add all the requirements to your LinkedIn account. Show the search result to the hiring manager 

If you see there are only 800-1000 candidates present in the whole country. This indicates that there's a flaw in the requirement. So, you can let the hiring manager know about the flaw or use a right technical skills screening software and conduct coding skills assessment before hiring the candidates.

Some hiring managers like to get involved in the hiring process. Thus, it will be wise to ask them if they would like to go through the resumes that you’ve received.

Scheduling the interviews with the consent of the hiring manager is equally important. You’ll have to decide on a time frame when both of you are free.

The last would be to decide, who checks with the references and extends the offer to the candidate.

This will also help better the bonding between the two of you.

Are there any more reasons you could think of, and we forgot? Well, the comment box is always open for discussions and suggestions!

Nivedita Joshi
Nivedita Joshi
Nivedita is a content writer by profession. She strives to make her content as relatable and informative as possible for the readers. On a personal front, her knack for trying out different cuisines and exotic food is unrivaled. In her free time, she writes quatrains on her Instagram page.

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