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Top 10 Digital Recruiting Tools in 2022

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13 October, 2022

As the world continues to digitize, traditional recruiting practices are becoming obsolete. Since the pandemic, a number of organizations have adopted WFH or hybrid models. With this, talent teams had a wider net to cast, which also meant shifting to digital hiring.

The traditional recruitment process takes time and usually requires a lot of resources. It sometimes creates unconscious biases against particular groups of people, limiting the pool of talented candidates. Furthermore, it is costly, especially when you have to pay for advertising or headhunters.

Digital recruiting tools have the ability to enhance the process: they increase transparency, match candidates with roles faster, help automate time-consuming and manual tasks, and more.

  • With the help of these tools, recruiters can identify and attract the best talent and gain a competitive edge in today's global marketplace.
  • These tools have several advantages over traditional recruiting methods, such as print advertisements and job fairs. These tools are more targeted and efficient and can reach a wider audience globally.
  • Additionally, they are often less expensive than traditional methods. Using these tools, employers can maximize their chances of finding the best candidates for their organization.

But the challenge is, with the plethora of digital recruiting tools available in the market, how to determine which ones are worth investing in? Thus, we've narrowed our list to the top 10 digital recruiting tools for you to check out!




Top Digital Recruiting Tools:

AI-based Digital Skills Assessment Tool


1. iMocha

iMocha-2G2 rating: 4.4/5 (180 reviews)

Founded In: 2015

iMocha is a powerful digital skills assessment platform for business. The AI technology in this platform analyses individuals' talents, assists employers in autonomously narrowing down qualified profiles based on predefined criteria, and helps you rank candidates on the basis of their skills. Using these assessments, recruiters get to know candidates' strengths and weaknesses.    

It is the most comprehensive digital assessment tool that provides fast-growing global enterprises with powerful AI simulators, video interviewing features, live coding interviewing, and talent analytics features.   


  • This tool enables candidates to record themselves answering the questions in their comfort.
  • The image proctoring feature of iMocha aids in eliminating any possibility of cheating on the test.
  • Using this digital recruiting software, you can view a detailed recording of the candidate's visual responses, compare different candidates' video responses, and determine their suitability for desired positions.
  • iMocha helps to reduce hiring time by up to 40%.
  • This tool features over 2500 skills, 70+ Next-Gen skills, 20 Cognitive tests, 37 Coding languages, and many more.

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Provides customizable prices based on the company's size.



Are you curious how iMocha can help cut your hiring process by 40%? Speak to our experts. 



Cloud-based ATS 


2. Jobvite

JobVite-1G2 rating: 4.0/5 (507 reviews)   

Founded In: 2006   

Jobvite is a well-known digital recruiting software with an extensive application tracking system. This tool customizes your recruiting process by providing job posting and applicant management features. Using this digital recruiting software, you can collect data, classify individuals based on their experience and skill set, and screen them. It also incorporates social recruitment capabilities, mobile optimization, branded career sites, and on-demand video screening tools.   


  • This digital recruiting platform lets you add over 15,000 pre-screening documents from various job boards.    
  • Jobvite increases recruiter efficiency by eliminating tedious administrative processes, allowing them to hire better talent.
  • Jobvite helps expand the talent search socially by posting the positions to your Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram networks. 

Free trial: Not Available    

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription starts at $500   



3. iCIMS


G2 rating: 4.1/5 (479 reviews)

Founded In: 2000

iCIMS Talent Cloud is a digital recruitment platform that offers services in all areas of Talent Acquisition. It provides recruiting solutions that allow you to create a robust applicant pipeline by engaging prospects early in the hiring process. This tool gives you access to all the key data you need to create customized dashboards and reports. 


  • You can ensure that applicants remain engaged throughout the process by utilizing automation, customization, and configuration features.
  • The platform incorporates data warehouses and business intelligence technologies for large-scale, corporate-wide analysis.
  • iCIMS's technical support is excellent.

Free trial: Not Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription starts at $1700



4. BullhornBullHorn(1)

G2 rating: 4.0/5 (510 reviews)

Founded In: 1999

Bullhorn is a cloud-based relationship-focused applicant tracking system designed to assist recruiting firms in quickly sourcing and hiring candidates. This portal claims to help over 10,000 businesses with the entire staffing process. Its automated data capturing and customer insight technology assist businesses in engaging with applicants in each stage of the hiring process.


  • Using the integration feature, hiring managers can import candidates' data straight from social media platforms such as LinkedIn. 
  • Many recruiters regard this as one of the best digital recruiting tools since it helps you to keep track of all emails from applicants and customers.
  • Bullhorn ATS has a separate mobile application that allows you to manage the complete recruiting cycle from your phone.

Free trial: Not Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription starts at $99 (per user)  

Automated Resume Screening Tools


5. CVViZ


G2 rating: 4.4/5 (35 reviews)

Founded In: 2017

CVViZ is a digital recruiting platform that can assist you in enhancing your hiring efficiency. Whether it is high volume or niche hiring, the key is to contact the relevant people as quickly as possible. Using this tool, you can identify top prospects early in the recruiting process. This digital recruiting platform also integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automate and streamline the whole talent acquisition cycle.


  • This is one of the best digital recruiting tools that allow recruiters to swiftly and efficiently post job offers on several job listing sites.
  • This resume screening tool aids in ranking applicant profiles better, resulting in more successful recruiting.
  • CVViZ's artificial intelligence has the ability to scan a substantial percentage of resumes in less than 30 seconds.

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription starts at $189



Dealing with unconscious bias while screening candidates? Use iMocha's AI-powered digital skills assessments for data-driven hiring.



6. freshteamfreshworks

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (273 reviews)

Founded In: 2010

freshteam by freshworks is a digital recruiting software that helps firms attract and source outstanding talent. It's an easily customizable recruitment portal that integrates with many free and paid job boards and social networking platforms. This digital recruiting software also allows recruiters and hiring managers to screen and interview candidates, give feedback, leave notes, and eventually hire and extend offers to the top candidates. 


  • The in-built ATS feature makes job posting, hiring team creation, and information collecting a breeze.
  • This platform's user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • freshteam integrates with various pre-assessment test providers to deliver a smooth interview experience.

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription for enterprises starts at $4.00 per user.



7. skeeled

skilledG2 rating: 4.3/5 (21 reviews)

Founded In: 2014

skeeled is an online resume screening tool that allows you to screen and shortlist prospects based on your requirements. This application also allows you to assess resumes and automatically rate prospects based on their abilities. Moreover, this digital recruiting software also permits you to send customized emails in bulk to candidates at various phases of the recruiting process.


  • Using this tool, you can develop custom workflows to streamline your hiring process.
  • skeeled helps you write a job description in a pain text that explains the tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities of a position.
  • Using this digital recruiting tool, you can optimize your screening process and ensure that only qualified candidates are selected. 

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: On request



Tired of the slow and painful hiring process? Automate your hiring with iMocha's AI-powered digital skills assessments. 



Video Interview Tools


8. VidCruiter

vidcruiterG2 rating: 4.8/5 (189 reviews)

Founded In: 2009

VidCruiter is a video interview tool that assists managers in recruiting talented candidates with fewer resources and less time. It offers a multi-tiered video interviewing feature, which means candidates can undertake a one-way interview before moving on to the next stage with management. This digital recruiting tool also fits the real-time criterion with prerecorded and live interviews.


  • This is one of the best digital recruiting tools that allows applicants to record their responses at their convenience. 
  • With VidCruiter, it is easy to increase hiring quality and reduce time-to-hire.
  • You can discover the best candidates promptly while being entirely remote. 

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Annual subscription is $5,000



9. Hireflixhireflix

G2 rating: 4.9/5 (182 reviews)

Founded In: 2018

This digital recruiting software is a one-way video interview software that removes the need for scheduling interviews. It allows your candidates to record and share recorded interviews. Moreover, this platform enables candidates to examine both the video and text versions of questions simultaneously, allowing them to respond without losing essential information.


  • This tool allows you to interview a plethora of candidates more swiftly.
  • Hireflix is simple to set up and requires little to no technological expertise.
  • This tool also provides a multi-language candidate experience.

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription is $75 for 50 employees.



10. Spark Hiresparkhire

G2 rating: 4.8/5 (368 reviews)

Founded In: 2010

Our list's final digital recruitment tool is Spark Hire, a cloud-based video interviewing software. This tool's primary advantage is that it allows recruitment managers to do mass actions such as inviting or denying prospects with a single click. It also includes an interactive dashboard with extensive analytics and integration guidelines. Also, all plans supplied by this platform include unlimited one-way and recorded live video interview features.


  • This digital recruitment software allows you to save all interview recordings on a single dashboard.     
  • The software is very intuitive.
  • Spark Hire allows applicants to participate in the interview process from anywhere in the world.

Free trial: Available

Subscription Range: Monthly subscription is $149



Overall, digital recruiting tools are essential to the modern recruiting process. They help organizations connect with candidates, identify the most qualified candidates, and assess candidates’ skill fitness for open positions. By using digital recruiting tools, organizations can improve their recruiting efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately hire the best candidates for their open positions. 



What is digital recruiting?

The practice of using technology to attract, identify, and hire candidates for open positions is known as digital recruitment. It entails reaching out to possible applicants and assessing their qualifications using resume screening, online assessment tools, video interview tools, and other online tools.


How does digital technology improve the recruitment process?

There are a few different ways that digital technology can improve the recruitment process.

  • It aids in the process by automating some procedures that recruiters would otherwise use to perform manually.
  • It allows candidates to apply for jobs anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • By eliminating the possibility of human error, digital technology helps to improve process accuracy.
  • It also assists you in improving the overall efficiency of the recruiting process by offering a more streamlined and organized manner to manage all of the process's data and information.

How do online assessments work?

An online assessment comprises a series of questions to determine your skills and expertise in a particular area. The questions are presented in various forms, including MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), True or False, Descriptive (Subjective), Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Answers, Coding, and Video Questions. Also, candidates typically get a specific amount of time to finish the test and the option to review their responses before submitting them.

Ankita Kharwal
Ankita Kharwal
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