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Top 20 Skill Assessment Companies in India

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Top 20 Skill Assessment Companies in India

India will require more than 35 billion skilled workers across a variety of sectors in the upcoming years, including logistics, banking and financial services, security, housekeeping, call centers, and healthcare.

Testdome Pricing/ Features & Comparison

TestDome is an automated pre-employment skill testing platform that assesses candidates' job fitness through real-world job experience. Employers can use it to hire the best candidates for a role quickly by offering work skill tests to their prospects. It provides tests that support various industries, such as accounting, programming, project management, customer service, and more.  

Codility vs LeetCode vs iMocha Detailed Comparison

Reportedly, each corporate job posting attracts 250 applications; however, only four to six of those candidates are called in for interviews, and only one eventually receives a job offer. In other words, out of 250 applicants, only the best ones are hired. 

Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

Skills inventory refers to a repository of your employees' skills data containing their educational qualifications, work experiences, certificates, licenses, etc. You can learn more about skills inventory from here.  

Recession-proofing your talent strategy: The role played by HR departments and upskilling initiatives

From leadership pipeline development to workforce restructuring, HR has a crucial role in acclimating and acting on the different business changes brought up by any economic downturn. HR, in short, acts as a catalyst in reducing the impact caused by these economic hurdles.  

Codility vs Hackerrank vs iMocha (Detailed Comparison)

In 2020, the global skills assessment market size was estimated at $1.93 billion. This figure is predicted to increase to $5.46 billion in 2030, with a 11.6% CAGR growth. To stay ahead in this competitive marketplace, it is very important to be abreast with the emerging technologies and platforms that make it easier to recognize critical skills and vet talent by skills validation. Here’s a comparison between the most reliable skills assessments platforms in 2022 are – iMocha vs Codility vs HackerRank.  

Top 8 iMocha Alternatives to Consider

iMocha is an AI-powered skill assessment tool with several Talent Acquisition and Talent Development capabilities. If you have been using it, you are already aware that it offers the most comprehensive skill library in the world.    

Codility Pricing, Features & Comparison with iMocha

As the demand for software developers continues to outpace supply, companies are increasingly focused on attracting and retaining top talent. But what does it take to hire skilled developers? 

Top 20 Talent Management Tools

Talent management is a process that involves methodically organizing strategic processes like recruitment, hiring, onboarding and skill development to attract and retain the right talent. But at the same time, it also involves ensuring that the business goals and objectives remain intact and get fulfilled timely through the processes. Owing to the extensiveness of the process, it often gets overwhelming for HR departments to carry out all the functions in a streamlined manner. 

Top 15 eSkill Alternatives in 2022

The global quest for acquiring talent is continuously becoming more complex. Factors such as the shift to remote work culture, competitive compensation, and faster evolution of skills make it more challenging for a business to attract talent and retain it.

Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

Skills are slowly turning into rivers. Well, not literally.  

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