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Top 15 Best Proctoring Software to Prevent cheating in 2022

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Payal Rajpoot

Payal Rajpoot

Payal Rajpoot is an experienced and extremely versatile SEO Content Writer at iMocha. Her extensive experience in the field comes from working with six different organizations and numerous national and international clients as a freelancer. She adapts easily to market demands to produce, create and manage content for SaaS B2B to B2C. Her content has helped organizations mark visible changes in website ranking. She has a unique predilection for food, books, and vision board, so she spends her leisure time discovering new recipes, binge-reading books, and creating enchanting mood boards.

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Top 15 Best Proctoring Software to Prevent cheating in 2022

Did you know that the world’s proctoring industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.40% to reach USD 1582.31 million from USD 514.77 million?   

Top 12 Skills Assessment Tools to Consider in 2022

A skill used to be relevant for 2-3 years earlier but now it conversely remains relevant for only six months. So, keeping a track of necessary current and future skills is important. Moreover, when it comes to hiring, skills assessment is a great way to filter candidates.

Top 15 SAAS Recruiting Software

According to OpenView’s 2022 State of SaaS’s Talent report, the cost per hire has increased by 17%, days-to-hire has increased by a whopping 91%, and companies are seeing a rise of expectation in compensation. In a situation such as this, companies are turning to SaaS recruitment software to cut down hiring costs and efforts.  

Top 15 Technical Skills Assessment Tools in 2022

According to the latest Indeed research, recruiting technical talent is challenging for 86% of employers, while 36% claim it to be ‘extremely’ challenging.  

Top 08 Campus Recruiting Tools for Employers

According to research, 70% of companies intend to hire on campuses. More recruiters are approaching colleges to find top talent as the labor market tightens. So many businesses, start-ups, and SMEs invest in university recruiting platforms to receive an end-to-end recruitment solution for all their needs, such as online promotion, candidate registration, bias-free assessments, and job posting.  

Top 10 Coding Interview Tools

Market research evaluates and segments the worldwide developer population at 24.5 million. This number is estimated to reach 28.7 million in the upcoming years. Moreover, with the great migration, there is no dearth of candidates, but finding the right ones for you can still be an uphill task.   There are various reasons for it, but some of the crucial ones are:

Top 10 Talent Assessment Tools Globally

Did you know each bad hire can impede the growth of an organization by 5%? Therefore, investing in the wrong employee is the costliest mistake recruiters can make!   

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