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Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra

CEO, Co-founder of iMocha, the world's largest skills assessment API platform.

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iMocha Test Infrastructure Guidelines

Introduction This document explains the hardware, software and network specifications to conduct online test using imocha test platform. Hardware (Machine) Specification The candidate’s machine should contain following specification for smooth experience of test. CPU: Intel Duel Core 2.0 GHz/ equivalent or above RAM: Minimum 2 GB Screen Resolution: Minimum 1024 x 768 (1366 x 768 Recommended) Webcam Resolution: Minimum 1.0 MP (If the test is having Image Proctoring enabled)

Why Interviewing Alone May Not Work

Poor skill matching According to a study completed by Robert Half, 36 percent of 1,400 executives surveyed said that the leading factor of a failed hire, besides from performance problems, is poor skills matching. If hiring managers truly want to know about the kind of talent that is available to them, then they need to be mindful of actions that can hamper their interviewing efforts. In the end, it’s all about bringing out the best in talent.

Why should hiring managers use technology in campus hiring?

In a recent survey conducted by the iMocha research team the following results were obtained regarding campus recruitment issues. This survey was conducted in 3 cities and the sample size is 125 respondents. The major issues faced in a university recruitment drive are as follows Technical personnel  time used in unproductive areas Paper checking time Cheating issues

4 Essential Recruiting Guidelines While Hiring Candidates

Our employee recruitment guidelines and selection policy outline the steps we use to find and hire external applicants.   This sample of recruiting guidelines can be used as a rubric by the recruiters and hiring managers to develop a more efficient hiring process.   To begin with, data analysis is one of the most consuming jobs that tend to need expertise and focus while recruitment of candidates. It deals with a very careful selection of variables basing on software and the internet to be able to transform them into factors to contribute to important decision-making and managerial processes.   Thus, an analysis is one resourceful personnel that are essential in most companies, businesses, and institutions. Without this member of the working force, data and other variables become prone to misuse, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. At iMocha, we care about the quality and importance of the analytics that you are hiring. Therefore, we make sure that you are guided in the process of selection of such. Below are some of the very useful tips in choosing the right analytic for your data:

Economic Times Coverage On iMocha

Economic Times talked to us a few days ago about our work in online assessment and we are proud to be seen in ET. Here is the full coverage of news.

5 most common complaints about recruitment process

Nowadays the recruitment process is becoming very lengthy and also the quality of hire is a question. In the fast-changing and developing world of business, chances of getting a job get bigger yet tighter. Opportunities open for people with different skills and educational backgrounds. Due to this, a very long list of applicants falls in line hoping to find a suitable job. For candidates, however, the long and tight competition is always a threat to the possibility of getting a job. The competition is almost full and it needs a little edge to even get to the first phase of the hiring process. With this, it becomes a very tedious job to manage the recruitment process very effectively, and hence to improve it, we need to use the recruitment science by Interview Mocha. Interview Mocha helps to improve the recruitment process by giving you a proper report and the most suitable candidates for it.

Role of assessment in hiring interns

The process of hiring interns is a very complex process that requires so much from decision-making and prudence. In a traditional hiring process, it is taking so much time to find perfect people to fit the jobs available. When there is a time restraint, it often leads to inefficiency in the hiring of personnel. Assessment is a significant part of the recruitment process for any company. Assessments help the companies find and identify the most qualified and competent applicants for every job description. From here, assessment can also lead the hiring interns to find the candidates suited for a job.

How to prevent cheating in online assessment?

Are candidates likely to cheat on online pre-employment tests? Is it necessary to look for cheating prevention measures in online tests? Yes! There is the risk of cheating in online tests.  Donald Cressey, an American criminologist, devised the Fraud Triangle theory in 1973, which consists of three elements: pressure to cheat, opportunity to cheat, and rationalization. Cheating could be encouraged in a high-stakes setting containing these elements and the absence of proctoring. As candidates devise new techniques to cheat on online tests, it's past time to include online tests cheating prevention features to thwart the most devious cheating attempts.

iMocha goes national with SEED Placement League

Last week, witnessed the launch of SEED Placement League ( an opportunity for all computer geeks to prove technical prowess by competing against peers from all over India )  which is owned by SEED Infotech in partnership with iMocha.

iMocha Job Role-based Assessments For Hiring Tech Professionals

    For a specific job role, hiring managers need to evaluate a candidate on multiple skills. iMocha role-based assessments for hiring tech professionals are designed to assess a candidate's practical knowledge required for a job profile. Each of our job bases tests combines multiple skills ranging from aptitude, soft skills, technical skills to the coding test. See our complete list of role based assessments below. You can start using it in the next couple of minutes, isn't it a quick solution :)

Ready to Use IT Skills Assessments

Hiring managers are most of the time non-technical and typically face below mentioned challenges in recruiting right resources for the company.

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